Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've got some gigs comming up!

Hi folks: okay maybe it's a little early but I'm doing a set for the Rochester Poets group at
St. John Fisher college (3690 east Ave , Rochester NY.) on Wednesday September 3rd 2008 so mark your calenders! I go on from 7:00 -7:30/8:00pm in the Hughes Rotunda meeting room. Its right above the Skalinsky science center on the St. John Fisher Campus. My friend Garry Lehmann will be reading for them on August 6Th 2008 so if you want to try and make that so you know where the place is feel free. And by the way, the events are free of charge! I'm also booked for Artwalk alive on September 14th 2008 . more on that after the St . John Fisher Reading. I haven't heard from any of you regarding last weeks post so no poem this week! Remember to e-me with questions or comments or post them here . see you next week.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let's talk!

Hi folks: I got a lot of good feedback on last weeks poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! This week I'm posting another Poem for your enjoyment. If you like it please post your comments. if you don't like it please post your comments. If you love it buy a copy of the CD. You can always look at archived posts or e-me for purchasing details. Or if you just happen to be in Brockport, NY stop by Lift bridge book store( 45 east main street, Brockport ,NY) and ask for Joe Hoffman and tell him you'd like a copy of Dragon's Dance volume 1By Lawrence Berger and he'll be glad to help you out. Now here 's the poem :


Harken my friends come gather near
for I have a tale you might wish to hear
It begins on a night many eons ago
come close and I'll tell it . Are you ready?
Alright now here we go!
This tale takes place in the land where
the dragons dwell. Some say its the highest of heavens,
others the very lowest pit of hell.
This land is ruled by the dragon king
he goes by many names:
god, source , the eternal everything.
His queen was joy and her Majesty soared
but on this night in pain she roared
for their children had been bound by destiny
to kill their mother, at least temporarily.
there children too are known by many names:
anger, disease , poverty, hate and other games.
Anyway, upon hearing the cries of his lady true
swiftly to the scene our Dragon king flew
and seeing what his children had wrought
he knew that a lesson needed be taught
and in his efforts to make this plain he didst cause their twins
to become chained . And to heap more onto this injury
'twas given to man to hold the key.
Now this didst cause amongst that dragon brood
a quite profound change of mood. As of the dawn of the next bright morn
four new schools of thought had formed:
First came those who were pious and good, next came those who had clearly misunderstood.
next came those who thought the judgement was riotous and fair, lastly came those who flat out did not care. And now dear friends this tale's been told but if i may be so bold I'd like to share one last thought with you . for to you their key has been given too. for all who wish to truly be free must forever face the twin dragons of Crisis and Opportunity.

(c) Lawrence R. Berger

Yes you caught me. this IS the title cut from the CD. enjoy SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!

Friday, July 18, 2008

a new poem

Hi folks : Here's a new poem for you:

Diana's Dawn :

History records not accurately the fall of Olympus. Yet, if you search the writing on the walls of this temple the true record can be found there. For 'twas to be the hour of victory for the Titans! Lord Kronos had dealt his son Zeus a mortal blow, Cerberus had been called from Hades to serve his true master and had Apollo at bay. There was however one more warrior present . though as a mere Goddess she was considered insignificant and just plain not worth the bother.

Diana was free to act and so act she did:
Arching her bow to form the crescent moon
she let fly a message arrow into the great ocean
requesting aid from her uncle Poseidon.

As it happened the arrow
struck Ocean full in the chest
and allowed Poseidon to win his battle for the sea.

So of course he granted her request
and called forth warriors from the world of men.
now these warriors where not armed with spear or lance
bow or quiver, sword nor shield or other accoutrement's fit for battle in the world of men.

No , they came armed for battle with the gods
for the were armed with brush and with Quill, with ink and Vellum,
with the music of the Lyre and all the colors of the Rainbow!

And with these they captured the god of time and forced him back into the blow meant for his son. Zeus then cast his bolt , opening Tartarus and carrying the day.
Ever since these Warriors have been mistakenly called the children of Apollo
for in the end 'twas his rays which brought Cerberus to heal and gave the warriors their opening.

But as the gods drank that first cup of Ambrosia on the next bright morn
Zeus himself heralded the bright new day as Diana's Dawn.

(c) 1999 Lawrence R. Berger

remember to e-me for info on purchasing my spoken word CD. have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

poetic conversations3

Hi folks: well I went to a picnic with Rochester,NY Mayor Robert Duffy Last week. It was a lot of fun. I'm always looking for new places to read so if you've got one let me know. this week I'll be attending the Rochester poets annual Picnic. send me an email if your a poet who might want to come . It's this Saturday. I hope I'll see you soon . L.B.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

a little bit more about me.

Hi folks: I've had a lot of good feedback from you on last week's post and I hope everyone had a great fourth of July! Here's a little bit more info on me. I'm first and foremost a working poet and have been since1996. In addition to Dragons Dance volume 1, I've also published three other poetry collections and a self help book. I got most of my training by apprenticing under Jack Michelin. A San Francisco based street poet who taught in Los Angeles. I now go to workshops to tighten up my written work as I was taught in a performance manor. I'm looking for bookings all the time so if you'd like to have me come in and talk to your classes, colleges or just book a co-feature I'm very available. Just e me with "bookings" in the subject line and we can talk rates. Oh by the way, I just got hooked up with pay pal so if you'd like a copy of Dragon's dance volume one and want to pay by credit card go right ahead. you can also pick up copies at Lift bridge bookstore ( 45 East Main St. Brockport , NY) ask for Joe Hoffman and tell him you'd like a copy .
thanks for reading! see you next week.

Friday, July 4, 2008

poem #1 the meek shall inherit the earth but not the mineral rights!

In the bible, we're taught that the meek shall inherit the earth.
That human beings were created in the image of god and given dominion
over the rest of creation.

We're also taught that shortly there after
Along comes old Mr. Satan and he steals it all away.

Now this has prompted a lot of my friends into thinking that maybe that first lesson aught
be changed. To read something along the lines of the meek shall inherit the earth but only what's left after those who hustle.

I have got to say that that would be fine with me!
I'd gladly let the hustlers keep all the cancer,
the ulcers, the stress and the greed!

I for one would be very glad to take the pleasure of watching a sunrise
right off their hands! I say let the hustlers keep the psychiatrist couches
and the operating tables.
I'll gladly "settle" for a life of peace and harmony.
Let the hustlers keep the mineral rights.
I 'll keep my sanity thank you.