Sunday, August 26, 2012

On to Autumn!

Hi again folks.:  It's just been a  packed summer hasn't it?  Here's a few more things going on:

1.Join Fantastic Frank live, Thursday  at 3pm Eastern Time,Call in by phone at: 
(619)566-0918  or connect via your computer at: 
OR, watch the Archived Show at your convenience at:
To be a guest on the FantasticFrank BlogTalkRadio Show, write to at:

Fantastic Frank

2. MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!! September 18th, 2012 will be a night to remember for important reasons...First being, the premiere of OPEN CALL, a monthly Spoken Word showcase with 4-5 Poets chosen to work together on a 20 minute 
feature at's an effort to bring the community together to share their artistic talents... the Quarterly Comedy Battle goes down between Yesika Starr and Leon Pierce...each Poet gets 6 minutes, 1 winner of the title...Brought to you by the good folks at Da Poetry Lounge: Shihan Van Clief , Dante Basco, Poetri ThePoet, Gimel Hooper and Natalie Patterson Spread the word...Da Poetry Lounge  Every Tuesday 1st half 9-10:30. 2nd half 10:45-12. $5. 544 N. Fairfax Ave, LA,CA

3. Call for submissions::Drafthorse Literary Journal is seeking submissions for its Winter 2012 issue.Drafthorse is a biannual online publication of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, visual narrative, and other media art work, occupation, labor—or lack of the same—is in some way intrinsic to a narrative's potential for epiphany. We are interested in how work, or the absence of it, effects people and communities on an intimate level. While we're open to various interpretations, we expect the subject to be fundamental to your submission in some way. 
Complete submission guidelines are available online at:
 www.drafthorsejourn or drafthorse/ submissions. shtml

Submission deadline for the Winter 2013 issue is October 31, 2012.

4. Sunday,September 23, 2012 Park Avenue dance company presence : A celebration of Dance,Poetry and Art Admission $5.00 Choreography : Christine Fendley and Marina Peters: Poetry by: Kitty Jospe' : Art Jackie Lippa
Park Ave. dance studio 15 Vick Park B, Rochester,NY 14607

5. The Books Etc. reading featuring Josh Smith . Frank Judge, Cindy Blair and Lawrence Berger on  9/30/2012 from 4-6 P.M.  contact the store for more info. Books, ETC. of Macedon, NY
78 W. Main ST.Macedon, NY 14502  585-474-4116

Whew! Lots of stuff happening!  Keep me informed as to what's going on in your area and you just might see YOUR event on this list. 

No poem this week  but here at the links to my poetry book: 


you can also find the book new on Amazon .com  for $8.95 or used for $20.00 (Yes! you read that right ! Used copies of Instant Poetry (Just add words!) are really selling at $20.00  each!)

Here's the link to Amazon:

Or you can get signed copies directly from me  for $15.00 (includes S&H charges)
 send your check or money order to:

Skysaje Enterprise
50 Amesbury Rd
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See you next time! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

Hi folks :  It just seems like there's more and more going on every time I do one of these posts!  Here's the latest:

1. Winds Words and Song: Sunday September 9, 2012 3:00p.m. PDT
Flute; poetry, Alice Pero :Soprano, Sisu Raiken: Oboe, Lindsey Sears:
Piano, Paul Switzler: Bach, Poulenc and more at the Pavilion
Musical beauty, wit and coffee Celebrity Center International
5930 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90028

2. Heron Tree is an online poetry serial, with each year’s poems also collected in a print-on-demand volume.The submission period for 2012 is September 1 through December 1.  We aim to post poems weekly, starting in January 2013.
 The first print volume should be ready for order by August 2013.To learn more about us and about submitting poems for consideration, please browse the information pages.  Thanks for visiting—and be sure to come back in 2013 to discover some new poems.

3. Due to unforeseen circumstances , the Books Etc. reading featuring Josh Smith . Frank Judge, Cindy Blair and Lawrence Berger on 9/16/2012 announced  in the last post has been postponed. It is now scheduled for 9/30/2012 from 4-6 P.M.  contact the store for more info. Books, ETC. of Macedon, NY

78 W. Main ST.Macedon NY 14502  585-474-4116


5.Subject: Call for Submissions: Umbrella: A Journal of Poetry and Kindred Prose.
Umbrella, the "supremely rereadable electronic journal," is now accepting submissions for our winter-spring issue, online Nov 1, 2012. This time around, we are reading both non-themed poems and those mining the theme of "psychological states": not only those listed in the psych manuals but also more general moods across a broad spectrum of interiority. Please study the submission page for complete guidelines and specific needs and preferences. 

Deadline: October 15, 2012

http://www.umbrella submit.html

Whew! Lost of stuff happening again this time and there is absolutely NO WAY I can cover EVERYTHING in this blog! This is just the tip of the stuff ! If you want an individualized list of stuff happening NEAR YOU  I charge $30.00 for a list of 10 designed with you in mind! contact me if you have any interest! 

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'VE GOT ROOM FOR A POEM THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By " Laughing" Larry B.
Every body likes monkeying around
every once in a while.

Comics have made their livelihoods at it 
since the beginning of the profession

Everybody needs to cut lose every now and again right? 
We live in a world where many people punch a clock and
have nervous breakdowns from not playing !

Put the cartwheel before the horse and
increase your A- peel!

Have a little fun everyday! 

neat huh?

if you like this by a copy of my collection : Instant Poetry ( Just add words!) it's only $8.95 a copy and Amazon even has it on sale for $6.68. There also selling used copies on Amazon for $52.35  ( exactly the same book just signed! )  Here are the links: 

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Skysaje Enterprise
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See you next time! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Again,even more stuff!

Hi folks: I hope you've enjoyed reading Ilana's post. Here's more stuff:

1.Congrats to upstate NY art impresario David Semple on becoming the new "Money man" at the Rochester Arts council by becoming their new director of grants and programming! Check him out at:

 2 . Congrats to Cindy Blair on getting her first book out after 8 long years! Here's the ordering details:Whispers to my Heart:Emerging from the depths with God. By Cindy L. Blair Summer 2012 release at and other booksellers.
ISBN#978-1477463062 Email: for more info

Attn Authors!The Cold Coffee Writer's Magazine - Summer 2012 is now ready for purchase. Follow the link below:

4. Josh Smith will be the featured reader
 on 8/19/12 at the 
Rochester Poets monthly open mic 
3690 East Avenue  Rochester, NY 14618 in the 
Ross art gallery of the Skalney welcome center. 
2-4 p.m. See you there! call 260-9005 
for directions and details. 

5. Poets Cindy Blair , Frank Judge, Josh Smith 

and Larry Berger will be doing a special reading on 
Sunday September 16th ,2012 from 4-6 .p.m.
at: BOOKS ,ETC 78 West Main Street 
 Macedon, NY 14502 (585) 474-4116 STOP BY AND

6. Special thanks to last weeks "guest poet"

 Ilana Haley! Wasn't her poetry awesome? 
If you like what you saw, Here are the details for
 buying copies of her book: on

for the hard cover edition. 

7. The Vibe Lounge presents : The Flow, 
an open mic with Lu Highsmith. 
 302 N Goodman St  in Village Gate Square 
 in Rochester NY 
2nd and 4th Tuesdays!  See you there! 

 You got three poems last time and I don't really have room for a poem this week so I'll just close with the Links to my own book :
Instant Poetry (Just add words!) 



Or you can get signed copies directly from me  for $15.00 (includes S&H charges)  send your check or money order to:

Skysaje Enterprise
50 Amesbury Rd
Rochester, NY 14623

See you next time! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The young soldier turned very slowly 
in a circle; as shadows dim; in dim shadows, 
The young soldier hesitantly 
walks on… 
Toward the sea. 

"I see… no, perhaps I was mistaken. 
My eyes were watching that rainbow, 
just beyond– that rainbow dimming beyond. 
My stretch of sand and sea…where the wild cypress 
stands alone, a sentinel– just as I…

Just beyond, unseen, hardly there, 
stand a man and a woman…
or is it a boy and a girl? 
She is dark...he is fair. 
Their hand are clasped. 

That much I can see, 
or do I really?
Night has come
so suddenly.
Perhaps I am dreaming."

Shadows in summer night follow vaguely in his path. 
They are shadows of a boy and a girl… 
or a man and a woman… or are they really? 
Perhaps it is only a reflection of the moon 
upon the water. Perhaps I am just dreaming. 

A young soldier is walking. 
He turns slowly, then walks on
toward a cypress tree
standing lonely,
just beyond. 

The sea tremors faintly in salty whispers,
vaguely, in his path. 
In dimmed shadows… 
two hands they disappear into their distance… 
All is silent...