Thursday, July 30, 2009

getting better part two.

hi folks : This week I've done some work on projects and I'm feeling less stressed so here's a short poem:

Hard choices
By Lawrence R. Berger
Times are tough all over
PROSE is comming to take our jobs
and we need to work.
see you next week.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

getting better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi folks : sorry I missed last week but I was going through a lot . first i just found out my job maybe changing but it will still be there. Other things mentioned in my last post where not changeable but this are slowly getting better. I thinks so at least . no poem this week . sorry but I haven't writen anything soince my last post. at least this is a start.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

back to the grind!

Hi folks: I hope you had a happy holiday! I wound up at a family reunion for my mother's side of the family , better known as the Shrybman tribe. I Met folks i was related to that i never know existed before. one of the cousins gave me the idea for this weeks poem so thanks and here goes:

The middle East in Rochester
By Lawrence R. Berger
Many of my relatives are Jewish
and supposedly we have a Rochester, NY
contingent that is planning to got to Israel and or
are already there.
I don't understand the concept
why got to a place where your hotel
is likely to get bombed?
or you may get shot in the head
because you don't speak the language well?
It makes no sense to me but if they want to go
I hope they get to come back.
not a very happy poem I know but in the past week
I've found out that :
I'll be loosing my job at the U of R soon,
one of my co-workers committed suicide
had my favorite aunt die of lung cancer
and I'm now on deadline for a few projects.
I'm not that happy so I'll see you next week

Friday, July 3, 2009

happy fourth of July

Hi folks : happy fourth of July, I'm off to Canada for the weekend and so here's this week's poem:

Sometimes words fail
to inspire greatness
others use the freedom to express it .
enjoy yours.
see you next week.