Saturday, June 27, 2009

special edition

Hi folks: What with Michale Jackson and Farah Faucet dying so young and the world in morning I thought it might be appropriate to issue a special edition of this blog . So, here's the poem :

Moonwalk with Angeles
by Lawrence R. Berger
Every generation has its heroes
and they forget that their idols are mortal too.
folks admire a life well lived and fantasise
that spark fame can be greater than the idols can bear
Pin up pictures and music videos changed
the way we see entertainment
ultimately its the memories that build
a legacy. These two now sleep with the Angeles
the world is in morning and icons are being canonizes
in record stores everywhere.
his children did not lose any money from his last tour that can't be made up of
memorabilia sales for there own kids foundation . Do not weep for the children but for their parents who made us all sing.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hi folks !

Another week has come and gone, hard to belive its Thursday already . half the year is gone now. I've got a lot to show for it but hers this weeks poem:

June bug
by Lawrence R. Berger
they say that when life hands
you lemons , you should make lemonade
but that assumes you've got the water, a pitcher
and maybe a few ice cubes too.
Sometimes lemons contain their own rewards
just don't let the mosquitoes get you down.
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see you next week.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

here we go again !

Hi folks : Well it's Thursday and that means it's time to update this blog. this week I hopefully get the fliers for Skysaje Enterprises with all the details on what we're up to. send me an email with your postal address to me at
laughingl@ if you're not already on the mailing list and I'll make sure you get a flyer. Hint, If you don't think you're on my list you probably are not so send me that email, hint two, I lost my addressees file when i moved to upstate NY so I don't have a lot of your emails. please email me with the contact info. now here's this weeks poem:

Summer time
by Lawrence R. Berger
The Rain falls slowly now
the ground is dry and the sun is warm for a change .
time for bathing suits and the ice cream man to
brighten our lives with happy memories to sustain
us through the winter till we see our friends again .

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I survived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi folks : Well the Gasocpy showed the problems it was meant to detect and I'm still alive ! So here's this weeks poem:

Throat spray
by Lawrence R. Berger
In side the hospital
they take my name and numbers
two hours later I see the anesthetist
and we go for the lungs.
I can see the lights of the surgical bay
and they are the last things that I see
before I close my eyes .
when next I open them
I'm in the recovery room
I see a clock that tells me the procedure
took about ten minuets after subtracting
the shedualed recovery time
I'm pissed but still groggy
so i keep my mouth shut
they hand me my clothes
and I get dressed to go home
Half an hour later it get my ride and leave the hospital
I get home
make my follow up appointments
and eat an egg salad sandwich
Life has its moments.
not bad for just out of surgery eh?
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

and so it begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi folks : Thanks again for all your support and feed back! you'll find that I've Incorporated your suggestions starting this week. That being said, here's this weeks poem:

By Lawrence R. Berger
Together we stand
united this world .
One watches out for another
and forms the bond of love
to produce the next generation.

Years pass and days grow into
them like the mighty oak grows from a tiny
Acorn. Sooner or later the journey ends
and till then we find ourselves
forever learning and never
coming to the knowledge of the fact that
it's the journey that makes like worth living!
thank you for sharing mine!

(c) 6/4/09 Lawrence R. Berger

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