Thursday, April 30, 2009

its been good !

Hi folks : Well the contest officially ends today! I'll be compiling the entries and getting them off to the judges over the weekend. today is also the last day of national poetry month so here's the last poem of the celebration.

Twenty seconds to Midnight
By Lawrence R. Berger
It's not enough time!
Quick, someone hand me the knife!
The ball is falling!
Corks are popping!
Champagne is flowing!
Blood is drip-ping from my pen!
Lord God help me there is just not enough time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how the hell can you write anything decent in just twenty seconds?
(c) 1999 first published in Instant poetry(just add words!)
And with that the calender begins again and a new poetry year starts!
By the way, I'm currently working on the third edition of Instant Poetry(just add words!) for a 2010 release. I'm accepting pre-orders for copies so if your i interested e-mail me at
for details and I'd love your comments on this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy poetry new years! see you next week.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is it!

We're down to the last full week of National Poetry Month! I hope you've enjoyed the poems I've posted they have been some of my best work! This is also the final week to enter the Skysaje Enterprises 5th annual poetry contest. details follow the poem:
By Lawrence R. Berger
You offer me a treasure
far beyond the dreams
of mortal men
And just one single night with you
would satisfy the eternal lust of Zeus himself
Ah but alas i am only a man
With naught but human emotions
And I couldn't possibly worship you as you truly deserve
for I am but a mere mortal
and I have no powers to grant
All i have to offer you would be my heart
Ah but then again tell me please how can i give you
that which you already own?
(c) 1999 Lawrence R. Berger First published in Instant poetry (just add words!)
here are the contest details:
Skysaje Enterprises 5th annual poetry contest
$250.00 grand prize and three $25.00 Honorable mentions
Submission guidelines:
1. submit up to 5 pages per submission.
2. all works must be typed in 14 points font or greater.
3. Author contact info must appear on every page
4. a $15.00 non refundable entry fee must be included with each submission.
5. submission deadline 4/30/09
Make checks payable to L. Berger
and mail submissions to:
Skysaje Enterprizes
50 amesbury Rd.
rochester, NY 14623
see you next week.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

All things end.

Hi folks : Well it's that time again . Here's this weeks Poem:

By Lawrence R. Berger
Excuse me sir
My name is Lawrence R. Berger
and I'm a proponent of reverse pan handling.
Would you like some change?
No, really would you?
You see as I walk out of my house on the way to the bus stop
I always pass the same three people. It never fails they are there every single day.
The first one has a chain around his neck
held together not with a lock but with a banjo.
The second is a man of color
not black but silver from head to toe.
I found out recently his name is Tron.
the third just had his legs blown off in the war
and all of them have cups in their hands begging for change.
I've learned something living in the area though.
I've learned its really money they are after.
they count on the fact that people will through coins in the cups
and say i don't need the wake up call.
They have gotten to know me too
and they know that as a poet
All I can offer them is change
(c) 2000 Lawrence R. Berger from Dragons Dance volume one
Only two weeks left on the contest. see previous posts for guidelines.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sorry for any confusion!

hi folks : I want to apologise for any confusion last week. Yes it was April fools day and the start of National Poetry Month! but those of you who follow this blog regularly know I post every week. so here goes:

The meek shall inherit the earth but not the mineral rights!
In the bible
we are taught that the meek shall inherit the earth
that human beings were created in the image of God
and given dominion over the rest of creation.
We're also taught that shortly there after
along comes old Mr. Satan and he steals it all away
No this has prompted myself and some of my friends into thinking
that maybe that first lesson aught be changed to read something along the lines of
the meek shall inherit the earth
but only what's left after those who hustle
I've got to say that that would be fine with me
I'll gladly let the hustlers keep
the cancer
the ulcers
the stress
and the greed
I'd gladly take the pleasure of watching a sunrise
right on off their hands
I say let them keep the psychiatrists couches
and the operating tables
Let the hustlers keep the mineral rights
I'll just keep my sanity thank you
(c) 2009 Lawrence R. Berger
The contest ends April 30th, 2009!
Don't miss your shot at the $250 .00 grand prize or one of the three $25.00 Honorable mentions !
here are the guidelines:
1. submit up to 5 poems per entry.
2. typed in 14pts font please!
3. author contact info must appear on each page submitted
4. a $15.00 US non refundable entry fee must accompany each submission
Make checks payable to L. Berger
and mail to:
Skysaje Enterprises
50 amesbury rd
Rochester, NY 14623
see you next week.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

happy national poetry month!

Yes folks today starts the annual month long celebration of all things poetic so here's this weeks effort:

bubble gum
by Lawrence R. Berger
Soft and warm between my teeth
an old lover returns
sweet yet tangy inside my mouth.
Over and over she dances
building ever more desire
slowly she turns up the heat
stoking the fires
her passion no longer
She Explodes
releasing the rapture of the moment
and then
she slides along my tongue for
Some of you may have guessed it but yes this is my signature poem
. It was first published in instant poetry(just add words! ) and later recorded on my CD. What can i say? its national poetry month ! I'm bringing the a game .
And don't forget the contest closes on April 30th! here's the info again:
1. Authors name and contact info must apear on each page submited
2. maximum of five pages per submission
3. any and all styles accepted
4. must be 14 pts type or better
5. a $15.00 US non refundable entry fee must accompany all submitions
6. classic mail only ! electronic entrys will not be accepted.
Make check payable to L. Berger
and mail to :
Skysaje Enterprises
50 Amesbury rd.
Rochester, NY 14623 USA
see you next month!