Wednesday, April 1, 2009

happy national poetry month!

Yes folks today starts the annual month long celebration of all things poetic so here's this weeks effort:

bubble gum
by Lawrence R. Berger
Soft and warm between my teeth
an old lover returns
sweet yet tangy inside my mouth.
Over and over she dances
building ever more desire
slowly she turns up the heat
stoking the fires
her passion no longer
She Explodes
releasing the rapture of the moment
and then
she slides along my tongue for
Some of you may have guessed it but yes this is my signature poem
. It was first published in instant poetry(just add words! ) and later recorded on my CD. What can i say? its national poetry month ! I'm bringing the a game .
And don't forget the contest closes on April 30th! here's the info again:
1. Authors name and contact info must apear on each page submited
2. maximum of five pages per submission
3. any and all styles accepted
4. must be 14 pts type or better
5. a $15.00 US non refundable entry fee must accompany all submitions
6. classic mail only ! electronic entrys will not be accepted.
Make check payable to L. Berger
and mail to :
Skysaje Enterprises
50 Amesbury rd.
Rochester, NY 14623 USA
see you next month!

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My favorite:)!