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Thanks for the feed Back Frank!

Hi Folks:
  We'll Frank was HALF right in his comments anyway. I agree that large posts with a lot of listing may make things difficult to follow so I promise the calendar sections of these post will be limited to no more that 6 items, okay? Is that fair enough?  However, contrary to what Frank said in the last post there is now and always has been a way to get me your comments and let me know you've read one or more post on this blog other than by leaving them as a comment here. All you have to do is send them to me via e-mail or if you'd rather via Postal Carrier.  ( Sorry but I GREATLY appreciate the service the postal service and its accomplishments durring its long history so  I just can't bring myself to call it "snail mail" without feeling like I'm giving the most grievous insult to any and everyone who had or ever will be connected to the postal service for all time!)   You can find my contact info on my web site at:  I may leave the info here on the blog in this or future posts too, but I promise I'll only do it if there's enough room left without getting too long. Now, Onwards!

The three "readers" this time are:

1 Dr. Erika Gault: It's a Doctorate in American Studies. African American Religious History is my concentration.Is there a Doctor in the HOUSE?! Erika Haygood Gault will be officially receiving her PhD. from University at Buffalo on May 10!! Congrats! 

2. Mark States: Mark States is a spoken word artist residing in Charlotte, North Carolina but originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. He incorporates elements of poetry, performance poetry, sketch comedy, song &; storytelling in his live appearances ranging from the smallest of cafes to the largest of theaters.Mark is also an experienced event emcee, having hosted numerous open mikes, festivals, and community events since the mid-1990s. Mark was the founding host of Poetry Express in Berkeley, CA, the long-running weekly open mike that first opened its doors in April 2002. Founding member of The Rhythmic Revolution poetry troupe, Mark also was a member of the 2008 San Francisco Poetry Slam Team, aka “Team Miracle,” and for several years facilitated the “Public Speaking for Poets” workshops at the Berkeley Art Center.

3. Peter Hepper : Our company grew from 1300 to 4000 employees while I oversaw Training. Developed our new hire programs as well as training in-restaurant "Experts" and managers to faciltate the programs effectively was a priority. Co-authored and initiated paper-based to E-learning for our associates. This growth included the opening of 45 restaurants. I established and supervised new restaurant opening teams who trained the entire staff and supported operations.

We hired as many as 100+ managers per year. Designed a Manager in Training program to develop associate position abilities, shift management skills, understanding and execution of " Applebee's culture." Created and facilitated up to 5 day Manager Skill Development workshops.

And here's whats going on:

1. Hi folks only a few days to go so now its “pick your premium” time! $25 or more gets you your choice of any 1 of my titles listed in the products section of my web site at $50 + get’s you your choice of 2 $75+ a 1 hour phone- on-line or in person consultation depending on your geographical proximity to the Greater Rochester,NY area$150+ 1 reading or 45 minuet seminar presentation or equivalent discount on the same if out of area travel arangemts need to be made.Again please contribute what you can as fast as you can! We've just a few DAYS LEFT! Here's the contribution link:

The anthologies are sold everywhere, and there are no restrictions on who can submit. Every poet included in the anthology receives a copy (posted to them free whether it be the UK, New Zealand or the Seychelles etc) and yes, poets are offered discounts on further copies. One of the purposes of The Poetic Bond is to evoke a community response, promoting and sharing poetry to as wide an audience as possible. Many of the poets in the first two anthologies have promoted it through their blogs and added it to their bios, creating an enhanced web presence so as everyone involved may receive a higher profile and potentially more readers. Check the website above and click on the 2013 submission link for info. 
By Trevor Maynard

 Kate Tempest is from London. Following are links to a short bio on Wikipedia; and an article in The Guardian regarding her Ted Hughes Award. According to one site on the Internet, she's touring in England.  Kate Tempest wins Ted Hughes poetry prize for 'spoken story' THE GUARDIAN 

4.  There are so many things happening at PondWater in May that I wanted to be sure to let you know far in advance so you can save the date! Ellyn Maybe & Robbie Fitzsimmons have a new project that I am so excited about and we get to see them here right at the beginning of their cross-country tour. 

5. Steve Melnyk invites you to an upcoming dinner &; presentation hosted at Locust Hill  next Wednesday May 1st.  The main topic of this seminar will be on Investing in Bonds in Today’s markets.  A lot of people have questions and concerns about what to do with the bond portion of their portfolio given the current climate. I wondered if this would be a topic that might be of interest to you.  Spouses or a guest are welcome to attend as well. Steve has listed the seminar details below.
Date:Wednesday, May 1st 2013 Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm (Dinner will be served)
Location:Locust Hill Country Club 2000 Jefferson Rd Pitsford NY 14534 Topic & Speaker
We will be having a guest speaker, Chin Liu  a Quantitative Research Analyst from Pioneer Investments, to talk about the current state of the bond market. He will be covering concerns such as:

*Where to find income in a low interest rate environment

*What bond areas are most attractive now

*What bonds to invest in with a rising interest rate environment

*How likely is a Bond Bubble burst, etc.  

He will be speaking to these topics and other bond related topics.

If you are interested in attending please call or email me to reserve a spot. Please feel free to pass along this invitation to anyone that you think might benefit from this presentation. If you do have others interested in attending please just let me know how many people will be in your group and their names.  They can also respond to me directly at 585-899-2675 or via email at

Thanks and have a great afternoon,


Whew! This ones kind of long huh? Okay, It's five this time six starting next post ?  See you then! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Larry, the Post Comment links are getting buried WAY down at the bottom of long posts. The most recent post about National Poetry Month being half over has NINE sections including the mention of the 3 readers. That means nobody can post a comment until they get down to the end of the last point!! Which means that Comments about points up above aren't likely to be made. Divide long posts into shorter ones so people can comment on each one. There's no way to tell WHO's reading the blog if people can't leave Comments; by posting shorter sections, you have an easy-to-find Comment link for each individual segment.

Monday, April 22, 2013

We've reached the mid point of National Poetry Month 2013!

Hi folks: Whew, 1/2 way through right? Here's some more stuff:

The three "readers" this time are:

1. Don G: Don Giancursio is our president and principal software engineer. He has years of experience in the technology industry. Specializing in Software, Web Design & SEO, Electronics, and SW & HW Testing. Also Embedded Controllers, C, C++, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, XML, Java, JavaScript, Assembly Language.Contact me for a no-charge review of your needs.

2. David Powe: Powe considers his consulting business to still be in launch mode, although he has found success and fulfillment in his first year as a consultant, and has learned a few valuable lessons along the way. “You have to get used to knowing that you have to constantly produce new clients as part of doing business. It’s a different feeling from a regular job, with the security of a check every week. It’s invigorating and challenging – if you don’t do something, it doesn't get done. And you have to network!” “My approach to business and life is to give as much as I can,” he said. “One reason consulting seemed like the way to go is that I have more control over that – if I want to help out, I can.”

3. Aceyon Owens: International poet and performer. His talents range from screen writer and play write, to actor and aspiring director. Anthony Aceyon Owens is a power house that is on the rise. Born and raised in Rochester New York . 

 Things happening for this time:

Hi folks: I've been running a crowd funding campaign on the web site to test the viability of the resources as a funding source for future events as well.  Unfortunately do to other business I have not published the campaign quite as much as I could have and it may in fact be  for this reason the campaign has only raise $10 of the $500 goal so far. However, the campaign does still have a full 10 days left to achieve its goal!  It is for a tour in Bingemton,NY to be arranged with the help of an independent bookstore there called Bindings Bookstore  which is currently caring some of my titles.  It may not require more than an $80 bus ticket or a $20 contribution for gas and food to get us there , but for personal reasons I do not drive on the thruway yet and I also do not like to tour alone. I do belong to a number of arts groups in NY including: The Artist breakfast group, Rochester Poets, The Rochester Improvement Society, Just Poets, the ROC Bottom Poetry Collective and more.All members of all of these group are of course invited to join me and may be interested in using the resourse for events of their own , if in fact it works here and to prove that I need your help!  

Once again, there are 10 days left in the campaign in which to raise up to the $500 to fully fund the project. accepts  payments via pay pal or directly from credit cards.  Their minimum is $1 and donations can range from there all the way up to the campaign total. $500 in this case. Can you please help make this a fair test and donate what you can between now and  May 2, 2013 at midnight to see if this would be a viable funding option or not?  Here is the link:

Please donate what you can as soon as you can and let's find out okay?

Thanks for the support! 

1. Moonday East celebrates National Poetry Month with Carol V. Davis &; Linda Dove.

  Where: Flintridge Books is at 1010 Foothill Blvd, La CaƱada, CA.
More poems and more about the poets:


May 19      Katie Kingston &; Deborah Kolodji 
June 16     Karen Greenbaum-Maya &; Khadija Anderson
July 21      Teresa Mei Chuc &;  Lynne Thompson 
August 18 Jeremy Radin
September 15 Charles Harper Webb &; Ronald Koertge  
(Series ends here.)


May 13         Grace-Marie Grafton & Maggie Westland 
June 10        Shirley Windward (In Memoriam) & Gail Gauldin Moore 
July 8           Katherine Czerwinski & Alex Frankel 
August 12     Gloria Vando & Anika Paris
September 9 Larry Colker &; Majid Naficy
October 14    Neil McCarthy
November 11 Sharon Venezio ; Christopher Locke
December 9  Jeanette Clough  &; Brynn Saito 

Best, Alice Pero Founder /Host     *** Lois P. Jones Co-Producer/Host

2. check it out!

3. Our Voice: a new bi- monthly Lit Mag with an African-American flair but  don't let that fool you! This is very much an ARTS AND COMMUNITY based magazine currently based in Rochester,NY
check it out at:


Mac highway .com hosts my web site at  check them out and if you like them sign up too!

5. New business e-mail:

6. Sunday Sound Sensations:  6-10 p.m. The Ultra Lounge 2815 Crisman St. Charlotte,NC 28208

7. One Voice One Mic is about the bonding of all artist. Poetry and Music, Special guest and surprise co host. Building a bond between our world while giving everyone a chance to call in and share a love for what they do. In the end we all become One Voice to One Mic.
Dial 714-694-4131 or Skype to listen or chat. Link to show.

8. Round 50 of Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts is brought to you by the Mystic Boxing Commission. The Spar takes place Sunday, May 26th at 5 p.m. at The Last Bookstore (453 S. Spring St., with main entrance around the corner on 5th) Downtown Los Angeles, CA. This will be a colossal poetry event featuring some of the City Of Angels best mystic boxing poet champions. Your host will be Mike ThePoet Sonksen.
 Whew! lost of stuff! The books are all listed on the web site now  visit and click on the products section to view complete list.  See you next time! 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Yay! Part 4 ( I know, I know, enough already right?) LOL!

Hi Folks: It's that time again! Here we go!

The three readers this time are:

1.Jason Luckett uses wood, steel, nylon, ink, paper, voice, and digital bits to inspire human connections.  A performing songwriter, composer and essayist, Jason’s latest CD is The Second Half of the Bet (Hope Again), and his essay, “Playing the Verses Straight” appears in the groundbreaking literary anthology, The Black Body.Joyfully obliterating his own comfort level, Jason writes, sings, and plays to break down barriers between cultures and genders with compassionate honesty.  His new album is The Second Half of the Bet (Hope Again).  He’s performed music and read his work worldwide from the LA Library to the Glastonbury Festival. For complete  biographical info, music purchases and booking info ,Visit his web site at:

2. Stephen Melnyk:  I've enjoyed 17 years working in the financial services industry, 11 years of which were in the client-facing role of a Relationship Manager for business clients offering their employees full service retirement plan products, such as 401(k)s, profit sharing plans, and money purchase plans.I have a broad, deep, and varied expertise with all aspects of retirement plan client servicing, ranging from understanding plan record keeping detail to reviewing compliance testing and 5500 reporting, from assisting plan auditors, to conducting enrollment meetings providing guidance for employees and presenting investment reviews to employers. 

I serviced clients with plans ranging in asset size from $1 million to those above $20 million, and the business types I serviced vary from banks, insurance companies, law firms and medical offices, to injection mold factories, print shops, trucking companies, utilities, newspapers, and casinos.I’m extremely enthused to have the opportunity to continue my career providing premier client service in the financial services industry as a financial adviser to both business owners and individuals. The core of my role is providing exceptional customer service resulting in high client satisfaction, and my calm, friendly personality and issue solution proficiency are key to achieving high client retention. I reflect on my time while being a stay-at-home dad for my son and daughter as a life enriching experience, as my wife and I journeyed 8 years to happily become parents through adoption twice in just a span of 6 months. Very actively participating as they became little individuals while they started their way through grammar school was treasured time. I also gained first-hand experience with life planning issues of folks in career transition and I hope to bring the lessons I learned to bear in helping others as so many good folks in our area reached out to assist me, and I want to pay it forward when I can. contact his offices at Merrill Lynch for further info: 1241 PITSFORD-VICTOR ROAD PITSFORD , NY 14534 : 1-800 MERRILL 
3. Lynelle Paulick has been a freelance editor for 20 years and more recently has begun to publish online material in nonfiction. She is presently writing a nonfiction book dealing with the so-called Gaussian bell curve and how human beings rise and fall in it, with numerous interviews serving as examples. Working title at present is Balancing Act: Insights of High Achievers.

And the stuff for this post:

1. The following are books by some of the Writer's I have and am continuing to work with as well as a couple I use as references: How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling,By Frank Bettger, Whispers to my Heart: Emerging from the Depths with God. By Cindy Blair:The
Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clauson: Under Peace Risings,By the Late Merline M. Murphy: Living Room, by Jason Luckett: It Is What It Is, by Jimmie Highsmith Jr.  and For Her, by Tony Award Winning Poet, Poetri Smith check them all out at:

2.Wednesday, April 17, 7 p.m. $3 W&B members / $4 general public Richard Aston: Valley Voices Wanda Schubmehl: Schroedinger’s Cat Writers & Books is located at 740 University Ave, Rochester NY 14607

3. Divine Miliue: The last confessions of Teilhard De Chardin Writen by John Cieslinski Sunday April 21, 2013 Two shows: 2:00 p.m , 6:30 P.M. $15 per ticket. visit  stage location: The  Space Theater 1199 East Main Street Roch ,NY

4. Or you can come to this instead: National Poetry Month Celebration at St. John Fisher College.
 3690 East Ave in the Skalny Welcome Center  2-4 p.m. Scheduled Poets Include: Christian poet Cindy Blair,Bridget A. Tojek ( from Algany County, NY) Al Wilson,Baria Adraina, Elissa Porter and more. it is first come first served on the mic. PLEASE BE ON TIME SO EVERYBODY HAS AN AUDIENCE!  DOORS OPEN AT 1:45 P.M. SEE YOU THERE! FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT THE EVITE AT:

5. check it out!


    Spring brings new life, pallets of sticky pastel-colored Easter Peeps, and National Poetry Month.
She's not going to get on her soapbox and tell you all that you NEED to support poetry. Instead, she wants to thank you... all of you, who have supported poeticdiversity, with your work, and, with the promotion of the magazine. Thank you! she is grateful, as well as excited, to be publishing the incredible variety of poetry, prose and art that come her way. We couldn't do this without you!

She would also like to welcome aboard a new contributing editor: Maryann Russo. Maryann, between her personal/professional responsibilities, spent a considerable amount of time and care reading/choosing submissions for the April issue. Thank you, Maryann.
In this issue:

Featured PoetsJames BarrosJonathan BealeJanine CananLita-Luise ChappellM. Frias-MayVictor InfanteTerance James McGunigle, and Daniela Voicu.

Prose FeatureMeg Pokrass.
Contributing Poets/WritersHannah AdcockLytton BellCraig BerryNick BertelsonDeborah Edler BrownSir Mark BrubackJuhi ChowdhuryMerrill Colet. Joseph DunnRichard FeinDawnell HarrisonJay KantorJerome KielLen KuntzAgnes MartonCatfish McDaris, David McleanMark MurphyMartina Reisz NewberryPeter O'NiellSteve PelcmanAngel Uriel PeralesLuke PraterMaryann RussoDavid ScrivenJohn W SextonJulia SteinTim TiptonDanny UebbingWanda Vanhoy SmithCindy Weinstein, and Alicia Winski.

Artist-In-Residence,: Plein Air Painter Jeni Bate.

Book Reviews/ColumnsRichard Modiano essay, On Surrealism TodayZarina Zabriksy's IRONCarol Tarlen's Every Day is An Act of Resistance; and, G. Murray Thomas's newest installment of A Personal History of Rock'n'Roll.

Enjoy all that National Poetry Month has to offer, and, see you in November!:)

Marie Lecrivain
executive editor

7. Tuesday, May 14, 2013                                         
7:30 PM (come at 7 for nibbles!)
Members: $3; Public: $6

The Genesee Reading series presents MJ  IUPPA and Celeste Helene Schanz

MJ IUPPA  Poet in residence at ST. John Fisher College  And director of their ARTS MINOR program. MJ Has held this position at Fisher for at least the last six years and has been widely accepted as " One of if not THE single best creative writing/poetry inrstrutors at the college level anywhere in the greater Rochester area!" for at least the last three years  She is also a  fine page based poet herself and specializes in the Elegy form but also uses Cinqan and Iambic Pentameter frequently. She has also been one of the principle leaders of
 the workshops produced for the members of the Just Poets organization since the group was founded. I received the bulk of  my own page form training from these workshops largely  from her. 

Based on this I can say she is easily the equivalent of some of my performance poetry mentors such as : Otis Solomon of the WATTS PROPHETS PERFORMANCE TROUPE, TELEPOETICS FOUNDER MERLINE M. MURPHY, PETER COCA, MICHEAL C.FORD, S.A. GRIFFIN AND HIS CARMA BUMS TROUPE, JACK MICHELIN AND LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI  and if you think she can teach, just wait till you hear her read! 

Celeste Helene Schantz: Has been participating in these same workshops with MJ for a while now . From what she's shared there, she clearly has what it takes! However, clearly the pieces she has shared have been "in development"and may  not have been her best examples at the time. There are a number of other events that conflict with the readings series the group runs so I don't make it there too often and have not yet heard Celeste give a true reading. This will be my first chance to do so too so I won't try and influence you other that the fact that MJ is willing to read with her and that has to tell you something doesn't it? 

This event will be held at Writer's and Books:740 University Ave. Rochester,NY 14607-1259.
 You have the date and time. Don't Miss this one! I'm not sure who is in June but please also come back on July 9th 2013 when the series will host poets Marie Starr  and "Laughing" Larry Berger (AKA: ME!)  and see if we measure up!  

See you next time!  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's finally all coming together!

Hi: I've gotten the opportunity to make a few changes recently. It's still kind of new but I think it'll be a HUGE improvement!  We'll see.  Here's what's up this time:
the three "readers" are:

1.Ilana Haley takes her literary inspiration from an Israeli childhood--- as a child of early kibbutz pioneers. These stories and poems reflect values and conflicts that helped to make the Nation of Israel. She left her kibbutz and spent two years in the army; from there to her life in Tel-Aviv as dancer with the Israeli Ballet,and then to America with a grant from The Martha Graham School. She found inspiration as a fashion designer, studying at the Chicago Art Institute, and as a Yoga teacher at the Yoga Circle in Chicago. After she finished her BA in Hebrew literature at the Spertus College in Chicago, she went back to Israel for few years and received her MA at Bar-Ilan University in Tel-Aviv. She came back to America to teach in high school (her favorite occupation-- as she says). After many years of writing and reflection she has finally, after the death of her mother, decided to publish this small volume of prose and poetry that begins to tell the stories that give words to her history and hopes. She is working now on a saga. Ilana Haley went through the wars which provide the background for her characters and their emotional strains and conflicts--and their efforts to heal themselves. Their stories are told in this book. They will take the reader into the realms of love, war, pain, passion, life reality and death. This book is a journey of life and death with all its complexity. Haley uses her expressive, evocative poetry to further awaken one’s senses and inspire contemplation of the meaning of existence and the value of emotion. 
Reading The Rocky HIll: Stories& poems, is a unique experience.Specialties:Ballet and yoga teacher. Life mentor to woman. Teacher of Bible as Literature. Editing any fiction and poetry. Published two books in two languages. Two books In publication now. She is also the most frequent guest poet on this blog!
2.Lee Mavin :.connect with marketing companies to promote books. Spread the word of our writers. Share thoughts and reviews of other publications Specialties:cover design, editing, short stories, poetry, novels
genres: sci-fi, horror, thriller, fantasy, young adult, teen, hip hop poetry.
3. Craig A. Lowen : Perform traditional pastoral duties such as evangelism, sermons, counseling, weddings and funerals, conduct counseling sessions emphasizing personal coaching, crisis, vocational, and work with professionals in auxiliary counseling for anxiety and depression, and perform fundraising through special events, capital campaigns, endowments,

And the stuff going on:

1.  The first annual urban Arts Festival for vision Everlasting: May 3-5th 2013 at TAZE Lounge, Tala Vera , The Dazzle Theater and Max at High Falls. Music, Art, Dance,  Poetry, Luncheon,Productions and More!  for more info Contact 585-820-3724 or 585-953-9401

2. http://  The cell  phone bill you save just might be your own! click on the link for details.

3Coming up fast is WNYBAC's 5th Annual Edible Book Festival Sunday, April 14th, 2013 4-8 pm .... All you book-lovers and bakers, consider making an entry and/or attending. This event invites participants to create edible books (think 'cakes') that are exhibited, documented, and then consumed. Additional festivities include: a basket raffle featuring goods from local businesses and organizations & a free edible book kids craft! Come hungry! Admission is $5 at the door ($3 for members of WNYBAC).

4.  The giggling goddess of the spoken word is totally awesome! Check out her new project! Ellyn Maybe

5.  Thomas Warfield : Friday, April 26, 2013, 6:30 PM Elibash Recital Hall of the Graduate Center of the City University of New York Free Admission / General Seating 365 Fifth Avenue (@34th Street) New York, NY 10016 

6  Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 6:30 PM Celtic Concert in Connecticut! Featuring Charle Zann Huntington Branch Library 41 Church Street Shelton, CT 06484 203-926-0111  The library is doing a season long salute to Scotland, and I am so happy they have invited me up for a special musical program to join in the salute---hope to see you there!

7.  Hi again, I hope you  don't mind my tooting my own horn here for a minute but I had realized I had all these other services available through Skysaje Enterprise all along! if you have any interest in any of them send me an e-mail at or give me a call at 585-334-6388 and let's talk, okay?  Here's the list. Sales/Marketing/ Academia/Entertainment/Wholesale/ Retail Distribution/Talent Management/Literary Sales for Film Book and New Media/ Basic Business Laws for  US Federal and California and New Your State for the Publishing and Retail Industries/ Public Relations/Media Services? Entertainment/ Literature Related Product Development.  Promotional Tours and items!  I hope this might interest some of you! visit the Web Site for more http://www.skysaje

8. Hi one more time! I just realized I might owe you all a HUGE apology.  I had just had an experience with the booker for a reading  where I had sent them 15 emails telling them I'd  be interested in doing the event they wanted me for and I had just gotten an e-mail from them saying it had been three weeks and they HAD NEVER HEARD FROM ME. I called the venue and told them to have the booker  get in touch. They sent me an e-mail with their phone number and we arranged for me to do the event on July 9th 2013 details to follow.  We thought we had it fixed so they asked me to e-mail them a bio for the event.  I did, I called them to follow up and they STILL said it did not go through. They checked and it turns out it had been coming through all along and had just been going into the SPAM FOLDER instead of the inbox. I just got another e-mail from a contact that said they had not been getting their e-mails sending out the info they'd sent  to My People either.  unfortunately , I check my e-mail at least 3 times a day and there is at least 3,000 e-mails in it every time! clearly I've been missing business because of this.  YOUR E-MAILS JUST DID NOT GET THROUGH! IF YOU SEND AGAIN AND YOU DON'T HEAR FROM ME IN 3 DAYS, PLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM THAT I DID GET THE E-MAIL OKAY? Thanks!  

10.  2nd Annual RTPA  spring craft show at Trinnity Emmanual Lutherin Church. Click for details or visit: for Vendor List & Websites!

11.Kim Pandina Just launched Her blog Check it out! 

See you next time!