Thursday, June 28, 2012

To quote my friend Murray "what's Next?"

Hi folks : Here's a few more things going on:

1. I will be in Virginia attending a  funeral from July 5-17th 2012  this blog will NOT be updated during that time frame!

2.The Black Radish Gallery 274 N. Goodman suite 501D on the Anderson Alley side Of Village Gate Square .  Rochester, NY
(585)413-1278  ABG show 6-29-12 – 7-30-12 Gallery hours
Mon-Fri 10-6 EDT  Sat 12-5 EDT

3. Seeking work for an anthology of television poems for Poets Wear Prada, a NJ-based press. 

We're projecting release in 2013. 
We're seeking poems, prose poems, list poems and catalogues, hybrid forms, etc. about television in all its aspects: network and cable, the sit-coms, the news, the crime and medical dramas, The Sopranos and The Borgias, made-for-TV movies, actors and actresses, personalities, characters, theme songs, advertisements, and, of course, the medium’s history. By “personalities,” I mean people like Johnny Carson, Dan Rather, Ellen DeGeneres and Bill O’Reilly.Please send up to three poems, five pages maximum, to : 
(Doc or RTF format only). The deadline is Sept. 30.

Please don’t send work on the following topics, as we’ve already accepted poems covering them: the influence of TV on our lives, Bob Hope, The Tonight Show, the introduction of TV, Pan Am, commercial breaks during televised sports, shampoo commercials, Three’s Company, the laugh track, The Prisoner, Jeopardy, The Addams Family, I Love L ucy, the 1984 Apple Super Bowl commercial, My So-Called Life, Star Trek, The Honeymooners, Judge Judy, commercials for laundry detergent, local cable access, Ozzie & Harriet, Jerry Lewis, The Brady Bunch, Ernie Kovacs, the emergency test, Alan Freed’s TV show, Puerto Rican soap operas and St. Clare of Assisi (patron saint of television). Editor: Joel Alegretti.


The HaHa Cafe 5010 Lankershim Boulevard North HollywoodCA 91601
Sunday, July 29, 2012 from 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM (PT) $7.00 advance tickets , $10.00 tickets at the door. 2 item minimum 

5. check this out!

Whew! Still a lot going on huh? Here's a poem for you this time:

By " Laughing" Larry Berger

" Hear the wild dogs as they howl with hunger in the night.
yet feed them and what do they? Fight and Strut and fight and fight and strut so more giving no thought to the morrow which will surly come." The richest man in Babylon.

emotions rule the day

Wars get started
governments fall
industries that have stood for years go bankrupt.

Sometimes reason rules the day
the world gets changed for the better

Sometimes greed rules the day
air, water and earth are poisoned
as coffers get filled. 

Sometimes people have passionate beliefs
They build companies like Facebook, Google
Ford, Nightingale/Conant etc. and build nations like
The USA and start revolutions and effect change

I like living in a world of variety !
what about you? 

 Neat huh? 

If you like this one pick up a copy of my book . Instant poetry (Just add words!)

Here are the links on where to buy it:  



See you next time! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What will they come up with this time?

Hi folks: Here's more stuff!:

1. CONSEQUENCE magazine is the print, literary journal that focuses on the 

culture of war. We publish annually fiction, non-fiction, poetry, reviews, visual 

art, and interviews that address the consequences of armed conflict. We are 

independent, non-profit, and international in scope.  

We welcome online submissions from June 1st to September 1st. For detailed 

guidelines please visit our website at


2. Hi Lawrence, You may be interested in doing a blog on the new writing contest at They have an interesting concept. "Books Without Publishers" 

3. Tuesday, July 10, 7 pm All Open Reading Barnes & Noble Marina Pacifica Mall 

6326 E. PCH Long Beach, CA 90803 hosted by G.Murray Thomas.

4. 2012 Benjamin Saltman Poetry Award http://redhen. org/awards- 2/bsa/

$3000 Award Deadline: August 31, 2012 Final Judge: Katharine Coles

Established in 1998, in honor of the poet Benjamin Saltman (1927-1999), this 

award is for a previously unpublished original collection of poetry. Awarded 

collection is selected through an annual competition which is open to all poets. 

This year’s final judge will be Katharine Coles.

Award is $3000 and publication of the awarded collection by Red Hen Press. 

Entry fee is $25.00. Name on cover sheet only, 48 page minimum. Send SASE for 

notification. Entries must be postmarked by August 31. Guidelines Eligibility: The 

award is open to all writers  Please submit materials to:

Attn: Benjamin Saltman Award

Red Hen Press

P.O. Box 40820

Pasadena, CA 91114

Red Hen Press will only accept submissions that have been mailed to the above 

address; please no email attachments or faxes. 
    CELEBRATING “Literary Greats Past & Present”A LABBX Fundraiser $25 Tax Deductible

    Friday July 27, 2012 8PM (reception 7:30) CATERED BY LABBX VOLUNTEERS

    5730 Crenshaw Blvd.
    Crenshaw Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90043

    Your Tax Deductible $25 donation will help support the 8th Annual Los Angeles Black Book Expo at the L.A. Convention, second year in a row, and to keep this event FREE to the Public. To purchase your ticket, purchase ad space in the Playbill (event program) or for more information on this year's expo, go to tickets may be purchased at our secure PayPal account at

    Thank you in advance for your support of the literary arts, performance arts and LABBX.

    Denise L. Cook, The ORACLE
    Event Producer/ LABBX Spoken Word/Poetry Director

    6.  featuring such artists as :  "Mr. Electricity" Jim Bolt, Jason Luckett and " The Giggling Goddess of the spoken word" Ellyn Maybe . hosted by Monica Lee Copland

    7. An Evening Muse ~ Poetry, Piano and Flute
    Sat, June 23
    2012 at 7:30 p.m.

    Alice Pero, Flutist, Poet
    Lois P. Jones, Poet
    Paul Switzler, Pianist

    Bach, Martinu, Ibert & Poetry Selections
    The Hollywood Piano Company
    1033 Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505
    (310) 301-6600 - Ample Parking 
    $15.00 suggested donation (optional)
    Questions or directions? 

    no poem this week. too much going on. if you like my past poem posts check out the book at:  



    see you next time! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Here comes summer!

1. Jimmy's Potpourri Radio event : every other Sunday starting on June 10th  2012 9am 12 pm Pacific Standard ?

Time Hosted by James Gautier. Check it out! 

2. Three explosive one acts: June 21 at 6:30pm runs until June 30 at 1:00pm


BY CALLING 585-234-1254

or on-line WWW.MuCCC.ORG AT THE DOOR: $20 AND $15

This trio of Edward Albee one act plays will leave you pondering,

exhilarated and changed.
MuCCC1 142 Atlantic Ave, Rochester,

NY 14607

3. Open mic at Trinities Restaurant 36 W Main St, Rochester, NY 14614  (585) 319-4047 Hosted by Jahaka Mindstorm. 7-11:30 P.M. 

4. CALLING ALL PLAYWRIGHTS! Black Sheep Theatre is putting together a short-play showcase for Valentine's Day, 2013 (exact dates to be determined). Local playwrights are invited to submit scripts for consideration. Looking for "black box" plays with between one and four characters, between five and 15 minutes in length, and which
let actors show off their emotional range. Plays should have some connection to Valentine's Day or amour in general-and alternative viewpoints (same sex relationships,"bashing" the Valentine's Day holiday, etc.) are especially encouraged! Deadline
September 1, 2012. Questions and submissions can be made to

5. .   Check it out! 

Here's a poem for you :

Life Happens

By " Laughing" Larry Berger

Is breathing an addiction? 

 Do most humans on the planet 

crave oxygen and can't wait for their next fix?  

And yet,

we drive bigger and bigger cars and

cut down even more trees than ever before 
even though the tree- huggers have  had their say!

The ozone layer is shrinking by the day 

and hydrofracking is poisoning the water! 

Will we now get our fix from portable oxygen tanks 

with tubes coming out of our noses and mouths?

Do we pass this addiction on to our children ? 

Do we really expect to have a viable recovery plan ?

Can we realy wean humans away from their breathing addiction before the next 

generation is grown up? 

Something to ponder this time! 

hear are the book Links :  


See you next time!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June Busting part two

Hi, I got some nice comments on my last post! Here's a few more things going on.

1. Sunday June 17th, 2012: Deep Rhythms  (AKA Hanna's Bananas) will be appearing in the Sklany welcome Center at St. John Fisher College.

3690 East Ave  Rochester, NY 14618 2-4 p.m. call 585- 260-9005 for directions and details

2 Open mic and featured reading: Moby's Coffe and Tea 5668 Cahuega No Ho 91601. Thursdays 8:00 p.m. James Gautier  will be hosting ....


Saturday, June 9, 2012 9:00pm until 11:00pm in PDT

Venice, CA 90291

4. Poets, a reminder to support Brenda Petrakos and her family. They are still collecting money to offset the considerable expenses of her nephew's funeral. You can donate to at PayPal.

5. Gospel Musical Stageplay: "Generational Curses- A Dream Deferred-NOT DENIED!" Hitting the stage June 29, 30 in Rochester, NY East High School Auditorium.1807 East Main Street  Rochester, NY 14609
(585) 288-3130

Whew! Lots of stuff happening this time!  Here's a short poem

The earth turns
Life goes on for thousands of years 
do we really care WHO lives or dies ?

neat huh? here are the book links:

See you next time!