Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another busy Week!

Hi Folks:  There's a whole bunch of things going on this week !  Let's get right to it shall we?
1. New book alert! : I just have the new e-book version of my Chocolate Box collection released this morning!
Here's the link to get your copy:

2. Tuesday, October 4, Little Theatre Cafe, East Avenue, Rochester: Reading by Vincent F. A. Golphin and Ron Bailey, sponsored by Writers &; Books.


4.I will be reading, with S.A. Griffin, this Saturday, Oct. 1, at Pondwater 
in Covina. Pondwater is a unique poetry reading experience. I like to 
describe it as a dinner party with a poetry reading. It has a very casual, social 
vibe, more like hanging out with friends than a formal poetry reading. It is 
a backyard reading, with a huge koi pond (hence the name), drinks and snacks 
(this month promises a early harvest of in-season mini-candy bars).
Reading with me will be the amazing S.A. Griffin, who was already an 
established part of the SoCal poetry scene when I started 20 years ago. He has 
been part of the Lost Tribe, the Carma Bums, and White Trash Apocalypse. He has 
been a publisher, producer and seasoned performer. (And yesterday I caught 
him in a bank commercial -- yes, he is an established actor as well.)
Also featured this month is Maud Aretz, the artist who painted the cover of 
my new book. You don't want to miss her artwork.
So that's this Saturday, Oct. 1, 4 pm. Don't miss it.

G. Murray Thomas & S.A. Griffin 
with artwork by Maud Aretz
Sat. Oct. 4 pm
16504 E. Maseline St.
Covina, 91722

Thank you,
G. Murray Thomas

Don’t miss this great MCC Visiting Scholar event happening on

U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins Coming to MCC! :

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


6.The Mutli-Million Dollar Poetry Industry Workshop:
Wednesday, October 19 · 1:00pm - 3:00pm
The Creative Wellness Center
320 N. Goodman Street Suite 201 Rochester, NY 14607
This is the first of 3 work shops being sponsored by the center on behalf of the Rochester mental health Association. This workshop will cover the 7 basic markets in which you CAN earn a living from poetry! ( IT WILL NOT COVER THE GREETING CARD OR SONG WRITING MARKETS) which together make up
the $7.5 Billion (YES I SAID BILLION WITH A B!) DOLLAR US POETRY INDUSTRY. This workshop will be presented by "Laughing" Larry B. Aka. Mr. Lawrence R.Berger who Is both is a coalition member and a nationally famous poet with over 30 years of Sales and marketing experience who as also spend 12 years and one moth( on the day of this workshop) making his living in poetry by working in all seven of these markets. In addition you'll learn part of his history as well as : The two basic poetic orientations, how to develop a venue,Local ,regional,national and global reputations and the differences between them, how to "brand" yourself as an artist/business owner and why he thinks the term is misused. And ( depending on time available) a demonstration of " Laughing" Larry's Instant Poetry (just ad words!) writing style and of course the opportunity to get any questions you might have going in or that may come up during the workshop answered. Space is Limited so please reserve your spot as soon as possible by calling CWC office manager Samantha McLean at (585) 325-3145 ext 142 the center is open to the public from at least 10:00 am-4 Pm Monday through Friday, later for special events. see you on the 19th of October. website: Please let Sam know if you'd require an ASL interpreter

* Special note to LA Poet/Comedian Dana Snow: Thanks for letting me use the title my friend!


8. Poetry-reading tour by Indiana Poet, Michael Meyerhofer
 Where: Rochester, New York area (specifically Pittsford, Brockport, and Naples.)
 When: October 13-15, 2011
 Contact Person: Donna M. Marbach, Owner, Publisher
                   Palettes & Quills
                                330 Knickerbocker Avenue
Rochester, NY 14615
Phone: 585-458-0217

Whew!  Like I said ,lots of stuff this week! no room for a poem this time ( sorry! )

but here's the links to the other book: 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy birthday to me! (Part One!)

Hi folks! I turned 12 years old this week!  I've got my "other" birthday on 10/27/2011 when I'll turn 45.  For those of you who might be confused by this allow me to explain. I did my very first featured reading  for a poet/host named R. G. Cantalupo at a venue called LA the bookstore on 9/19/1999 and as you might guess I have not stopped since. I can hardly believe it really has been 12 years!  Here's what's going on in this post:

1. Tebot Bach Reading Series with Daniel McGinn ; Tamara Madison
Friday, September 30 · 8:00pm - 10:00pm Golden West College Huntington Beach, CAReading
Friday, September 30th, 2011 - 8:00 p.m. Sign up for the open reading begins at 7:30 p.m. Community Room 102 at Golden West College
Featured Readers:Daniel McGinn; Tamara Madison Go to for more information.

2. Beside the City of Angels: A Long Beach Poetry Festival
 435 Alamitos Ave.2nd City Council Art Gallery Long Beach,CA Join us Saturday, October 15th from 10am-9pm for an all day celebration of words at the first annual Beside the City of Angels Long Beach poetry festival featuring: Erika Ayon,Amanda J. Bradley,John Brantingham,David Caddy,Jeff Epley,Dorothea Grossman (with trombonist Michael Vlatkovich),Raymond Hammond,David Hernandez,Steve Kowit,Cassandra Love,Rick Lupert,Bill Mohr,Patty Seyburn,Joan Jobe Smith,Clifton Snider,Barry Spacks,G. Murray Thomas,Mehnaz Turner,Fred Voss,Charles Harper Webb,Grace Zabriskie
Rafael Zepeda. Hosted by:Anna Badua, Donna Hilbert, Kevin Lee, Tamara Madison, Clint Margrave, Paul Kareem Tayyar
For a complete event schedule visit:
This event is supported by Poets & Writers, Inc. through a grant it has received from The James Irvine Foundation.

3. Free Speech Zone Series

Monday, September 26 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm Tango Cafe 389 Gregory Street, Rochester,NY Join us next Monday, September 26, 8 pm, when our featured reader will be poet JANET COLLINGE, followed by our popular open mic.
Janet Collinge comes from a writing and newspaper family, with her uncle and maternal aunt owning the "Grinnell Herald Register," her grandmother being an English teacher, and her paternal great aunt attending Breadloaf with Robert Frost.

Janet has over 20 years of experience in public relations and was a promotional intern at Syracuse Stage for the inaugural season of the John D. Archbold Theatre. Other clients include Judith Hook Dance, the American Lung Association, Penfield Symphony Orchestra, and, most recently, more than 300 businesses for Downtown Special Services. She's also done by-lined freelance assignments for the "Democrat and Chronicle" and "Rochester Business Journal."

A pop-up book bought from a vendor at New York World’s Fair prompted an interest in poetry. She has been named Incognito CafĂ©’s “Poet of the Month." Albany Poetry Workshop’s “Spotlight Poet,” and lead judge for America Online’s poetry slams. Her poems have been published in "Rochester Shorts" and "Smudge." They have also been used as a teaching tool in Maunee Valley Country Day School creative writing classes. “Searching for a Manger” was the basis for Pastor Ann Spurgeon's Christmas Eve sermon, "Come as a Child," at Channahon Methodist Church in Chicago.

All are welcome to perform at our open mic: singers, poets, musicians, comics. See you Monday.

~Frank 260-9005 

4. Get Connected! First Tuesdays October
October 4 is the time to get out and Get Connected! with some great not-for-profit groups from Rochester and the upstate NY region! This annual event is one of DR’s biggest gatherings of the year, and we welcome a remarkable mix of Rochester ’s best. There will be tech groups, professional associations and service organizations –a great way to find opportunities for you to plug into good things happening in the greater Rochester region.
The list of participants is still growing!
When: Tuesday, October 4th,Time: 5:30 – 7:30 pm ,Where: Village Gate Square
274 North Goodman Street (mapSecond floor atrium Admission: Free for DR Supporting Members, $5 for Non Members

Save The Date
10/04 First Tuesdays October - Get Connected! at Village Gate
11/01 First Tuesdays November at the RIT Center for Student Innovation
12/06 First Tuesdays December - Festivus at the Rochester Museum; Science Center
 Stay up-to-date on all upcoming events at! 

5.  The Soup (Urp!) Man, Don"Kingfisher"  Campbell is currently accepting submitions for the SGV Quarterly between now and December 3rd 2011 contact him at:  for more info.
6. The John Wiesenthal Art exhibit: Now through October 3rd 2011 . The Williams Gallery First Unitarian church 220 Winton Rd. Rochester NY go check it out! 

Whew! Lots of stuff this week! Here's a poem that I was honored to have accepted by The Beyond Baroque Foundation as my contribution to the memorial for Scott Wannaberg. Enjoy! 

My Turn 
By "Laughing" Larry Berger
You know you are a poet 
When your words touch hearts
and the wind blows through your veins
and you just gotta write it down

You know you are a poet 
when you spit lightning and
The audience doesn't leave for intermission
because there too transfixed by what you say 
so you do another , smooth as slik and glass wave clear 

You know your a poet when your name is compared 
to the likes of Walt Whitman, Salvador Dali, Tupac Shikur 
and Robert Bly 

And you really know your a poet when none of this matters as long as your writing poetry. 

How'd I do? 

and Here' s the link for the books:

See you next week! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Never a dull moment!

Hi folks: We all remembered a tragedy this past weekend! Well here's something miraculous to celebrate this week! As you may remember I posted some information about my friend Poetri's wife Judren at the beginng of the summer. They were looking to raise funds to get them to Chicago for an experimental treatment. We'll It worked! She got the treatment and today at her first rehab session she actually got up out of her wheel chair and WALKED!  Don't believe me?  Here's the video of the session they posted on YouTube:
Congrats guys!

Here are some of the other events this week:

1.Moonday East celebrates the coming of fall on Sunday afternoon, Sept 18 at Flintridge Books with featured poet, Cecilia Woloch. Where: Flintridge Books is at 1010 Foothill Blvd, La Canada, CA Date: Sunday, Sept 18, 2011Time:  2 pm PST Open Reading? Yes, come early to sign up for the open reading.Questions?  Email: More about the poet and more poems at:

209/25/2011: Reading in Claremont, CA 2PM Claremont Public Library; 208 N. Harvard Ave; Claremont, CA.

3 . Congratulations to "The Soup(urp!) Man!" Don "Kingfisher" Campbell on being accepted into the MFA program at Antioch University! 

4. Please join RPCN for:  What: Business Forum Where: Pittsford Community Library Date: 16 Sep 2011
Time: 8:00 AM Est.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Hi folks: Geeze, the end of summer is already here! Where did the time go? Here's this weeks events so you don't miss them! :

1.Turning YOU Into A Brand
Downtown Rochester Career Center 
Turning YOU Into A Brand (2 hrs.)  Like it or not, you already are a product and a service! Your personal brand is the focus, messaging and differentiation you need to stand out from the sea of job seekers.
Friday, September 09, 9:00am-11:00am 255 North Goodman St.  Rochester, NY 14607
Telephone:   (585) 258-3500
(585) 232-3727

All New Children's Radio Show Looking For Author's to Interview and Books To Review

to book send query to:

3.So this will air Sunday, September 11 (Everyone) and Sunday 
September 18th (Carma Bums), both from 8 to 9 PM on 88.9 FM KXLU and
streaming live at

Scheduled for September 24th,2011 from11:00 a.m. till at least 10:00 P.M . billed as the largest gathering of poets ever with  events in over 500 cities and 140 countries around the world! 
Including:  3 In Los Angeles California ( two hosted by the incomparable Yvonne Del La Vega  and one at Loyola Mary Mount University hosted by Peggy D.)  One in Slymar, CA hosted by Uncle Don Fanning, six in New York City ad venues including the world famous Bowery Poets House, The Flying Squirrel Community Space (285 Clarissa St. Rochester New York) and many many more. visit the web site to find the one nearest you!

5. The fabulous Cecilia Woloch joins us at Moonday East at Flintridge Books on Sunday September 18th at 2:00 p.m. One of our greatest local poets. Please be there to hear her read from her new works and join in on our fabulous open! We'll have the poems up for the 9/11 commemoration throughout the store.

Well , that's the events for this week! Do you want to try and have your event listed on this blog? Just email me the info and I just might put it up. Remember that I try and post stuff with a few days of lead time so if it's less than 14 days out you might not want to send it to me,  not that I absolutely will not use events that are only a few days away! Just look at this weeks postings! But there's a better chance I'll post the event if I think people will have enough time to plan to get there and buy tickets etc. 

Here's a short poem:

Labor Intensive
By "Laughing" Larry Berger

No rest for the weary
but at least we have the concept of 
There are very few holidays
that do not invoke religion
In a country that was built on a separation between 
Church and State you might think there would be more

But now Politics is getting preachy
and  those in it are telling us we have to pay for our "sins"
of high debt and no real leadership from them

as if 9% unemployment were somehow the fault of the "Average American" 


Sorry folks ! That came out a little longer than I thought it would!

If you like it here are the links to the book: