Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another busy Week!

Hi Folks:  There's a whole bunch of things going on this week !  Let's get right to it shall we?
1. New book alert! : I just have the new e-book version of my Chocolate Box collection released this morning!
Here's the link to get your copy:

2. Tuesday, October 4, Little Theatre Cafe, East Avenue, Rochester: Reading by Vincent F. A. Golphin and Ron Bailey, sponsored by Writers &; Books.


4.I will be reading, with S.A. Griffin, this Saturday, Oct. 1, at Pondwater 
in Covina. Pondwater is a unique poetry reading experience. I like to 
describe it as a dinner party with a poetry reading. It has a very casual, social 
vibe, more like hanging out with friends than a formal poetry reading. It is 
a backyard reading, with a huge koi pond (hence the name), drinks and snacks 
(this month promises a early harvest of in-season mini-candy bars).
Reading with me will be the amazing S.A. Griffin, who was already an 
established part of the SoCal poetry scene when I started 20 years ago. He has 
been part of the Lost Tribe, the Carma Bums, and White Trash Apocalypse. He has 
been a publisher, producer and seasoned performer. (And yesterday I caught 
him in a bank commercial -- yes, he is an established actor as well.)
Also featured this month is Maud Aretz, the artist who painted the cover of 
my new book. You don't want to miss her artwork.
So that's this Saturday, Oct. 1, 4 pm. Don't miss it.

G. Murray Thomas & S.A. Griffin 
with artwork by Maud Aretz
Sat. Oct. 4 pm
16504 E. Maseline St.
Covina, 91722

Thank you,
G. Murray Thomas

Don’t miss this great MCC Visiting Scholar event happening on

U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins Coming to MCC! :

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


6.The Mutli-Million Dollar Poetry Industry Workshop:
Wednesday, October 19 · 1:00pm - 3:00pm
The Creative Wellness Center
320 N. Goodman Street Suite 201 Rochester, NY 14607
This is the first of 3 work shops being sponsored by the center on behalf of the Rochester mental health Association. This workshop will cover the 7 basic markets in which you CAN earn a living from poetry! ( IT WILL NOT COVER THE GREETING CARD OR SONG WRITING MARKETS) which together make up
the $7.5 Billion (YES I SAID BILLION WITH A B!) DOLLAR US POETRY INDUSTRY. This workshop will be presented by "Laughing" Larry B. Aka. Mr. Lawrence R.Berger who Is both is a coalition member and a nationally famous poet with over 30 years of Sales and marketing experience who as also spend 12 years and one moth( on the day of this workshop) making his living in poetry by working in all seven of these markets. In addition you'll learn part of his history as well as : The two basic poetic orientations, how to develop a venue,Local ,regional,national and global reputations and the differences between them, how to "brand" yourself as an artist/business owner and why he thinks the term is misused. And ( depending on time available) a demonstration of " Laughing" Larry's Instant Poetry (just ad words!) writing style and of course the opportunity to get any questions you might have going in or that may come up during the workshop answered. Space is Limited so please reserve your spot as soon as possible by calling CWC office manager Samantha McLean at (585) 325-3145 ext 142 the center is open to the public from at least 10:00 am-4 Pm Monday through Friday, later for special events. see you on the 19th of October. website: Please let Sam know if you'd require an ASL interpreter

* Special note to LA Poet/Comedian Dana Snow: Thanks for letting me use the title my friend!


8. Poetry-reading tour by Indiana Poet, Michael Meyerhofer
 Where: Rochester, New York area (specifically Pittsford, Brockport, and Naples.)
 When: October 13-15, 2011
 Contact Person: Donna M. Marbach, Owner, Publisher
                   Palettes & Quills
                                330 Knickerbocker Avenue
Rochester, NY 14615
Phone: 585-458-0217

Whew!  Like I said ,lots of stuff this week! no room for a poem this time ( sorry! )

but here's the links to the other book: 

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