Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy May (Part 4)

Hi folks: Let's get right to it, okay?

1. POP every Wed. night Hollywood Studio Bar and Grill 6122 Sunset Blvd (Sunset & Gower)Hollywood, CA Doors open at 7:30 pm Show starts at 8:00 pm $5.00 cover. Details:

2. click for info.

3. I was interviewed for the Chicago, IL based inspiration project. I've been told it should be up on the site by tomorrow. They use graphic not pictures which is fine by me. Just look for Lawrence Berger on the site. It's supposed to be up by Tuesday at the latest. Here's the link:

4. CWC Authors night! Written or Spoken Word. Open to all! Friday June 3 rd. 2011 6-9 p.m. EDT

Creative Wellness Coalition 320 N. Goodman Street Suite 201 Rochester, NY 14607

Phone: 585.325.3145 ext.119 come one come all!

5. is looking for sponsors for a summer contest. Visit  sponsor the 2011 poetry contest page for details.

Well, that's enough for now!  Here’s this week’s poem:

Better Days
By “Laughing” Larry Berger

Summer is coming
The snow has melted (FINALY)!
Words flow like rain in a fountain
Champagne anyone?

Swimming through the dictionary
I dip my pen in a dangling participle
Hang a left at a verb
and find my way home

Neat huh? Here's the links for the books:



3. Words/dp/1450255523/fer=sr 1 1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1296114461&sr=1-1

See you next week!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hi folks: Well, another week has come and gone ( Boy, it sure moves fast these days doesn't it?)Here's some things that are going on:

1. Sunday, June 5, 2011, 7:30 pm: 2 Flutists, 2 Pianists and a Poet: Alice Pero, Lois P. Jones, Sheila Zimmermann, Valeria Morgovskaya and special guest, Mario Feninger perform Bach, Honegger, Sancan, Feninger & amp; Jones Brand Recital Hall 601 West Mountain Street Glendale, California 91201-1200 818-548-2051 Free (donation accepted)

2. Arthur Catalanello will be making a free presentation at the Penfield Public Library on June 14th, discussing how to use social media as a job search tool. Advance registration is required (registration begins May 31st for Penfield residents and June 7th for all others).

3. Authors day, June 3, 2011: the June "First Friday Event" at the Creative Wellness Center :
Creative Wellness Coalition,320 N. Goodman Street Suite 201 Rochester, NY 14607 ( Directly across the parking lot from The Village Gate Center . Phone: 585.325.3145 ext.119 ask for Sam or Laurie or visit: for directions and details.

4. June4-6th 2011. Visit site for details.

5. Rochester Poets Monthly Workshop: 1:30 (Ish) P.M.-4:30-5:00 P.M. EDT . Bring 1-3 poems for comments and feedback and a note pad in case we do some "free writing”. Located in the Gallery at High Falls: 60 Browns Race in Rochester, NY's High Falls District. Email: or call :(585)260-9005 for directions and details.

6. My Mentor Christian Elder wrote and is planning to direct this project as soon as the financing is in place. You can back the film too if you want! Positions start for as little as $1.00 and you can claim "producers credit" with a position of $10,000 or more. See site for details.

7. While we're on the subject my old friend, mentor and first poetry "teacher" James "Boomer" Maverick does a show called the 9th level on Tuesday Nights from 7-9 P.M. PDT (10:00p.m.-1:00am EDT) for a station called It's Jazz, "hip/hop" R&B and Poetry all mixed into a blend that really does put you in an altered state. Log on and give it a listen and you'll see what I mean. ( Oh, by the way, the show used to be called "De Joyn't" and may still be listed that way on the Killradio masthead. so look for the old name too in case you have any trouble finding it.)

8. Speaking of Radio programs: My New friend Doug Curry does a show called "Blacks and Blues" Here's the link: I'm not sure if it can be heard Nationally Like Boomer's show or not but it IS on line too. Check it out and let me know. It airs locally in Rochester, NY on Fridays 9pm-Saturday 12am on WXXI RAIDO WRUR 88.5

Whew! Lots of stuff this time! I guess I'm going to need that carpal tunnel work after all! LOL! Anyway, I don't really think I can fit a poem in here this week but here are the book links:


and: the Amazon link if you want to check out reviews.

See you next time!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy May 2011 (part two)

Hi folks: I hope y'all had a happy Mother's Day! ( Did you give your Mother, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Cousin or anyone else you can think of who might qualify a big hug from me too? THANK YOU!)

Here’s this week’s update:

1. There's a UK based Magazine that is currently accepting submissions from around the globe (as long as they are writen in the English language of course!) This may not seem like exciting news but I found out their turn- around time between receiving the submissions and getting the writer a notice of acceptance/rejection is only SIX WEEKS! ( After 17 years of helping people get published, trying to publish my own work, and working with no less than 15 companies whose sole business is helping writers get their submissions to publishers and magazines around the world that the ACROSS THE BOARD AVERAGE TIME FOR THIS IS FOUR MONTHS TO A YEAR!) So of course I just had to check it out! Especially since the writer who first told me about the publication did so by stating that the magazine had not only accepted her work but had actually PUBLISHED FOUR OF THIER POEMS WITHIN THE SPAN OF FOUR MONTHS and I had absolutely never heard of any one getting in that fast! I even went as far as to send them an email asking if they were in some way related to the editor or publisher. They wrote back telling me these had in point of fact been " blind submissions" and she had no previous connection to the publisher whatsoever. "Hearing" this I ABOSOLUTLY HAD to ask them for the web site and check out this publisher! They sent it to me and I found out that the magazine has been around for about 100 years and they Do produce a quality publication! The writer I mentioned and the others they published (I did not ask for permission to use their name before writing this blog which is why I have not and can't do so! Sorry!) Easily deserve Pushcart Prizes and other awards for their work! It REALLY is that good. (It kind of makes me a little scared to submit my own work to the magazine. I don't really consider my work in print to be on that level, even the stuff I AM willing to submit.) Anyway, after all that, here's the link:

Check them out for yourself!

Whew! I have more but I got a little long winded there! Sorry LOL!

Anyway, here's a short poem for you (incidentally, feel free to comment on any of the poems or anything else posted on this blog! You can leave the comments here or go to the "about me" section of the blog, get the address and send me a direct e-mail! Let me know if you think it’s good enough to submit! ) Here's the poem:


By “Laughing" Larry Berger

Underdog proved worthy

So did “The Spawn"

Sometimes we find our heroes

In the unlikeliest of places.

I think I watch too much TV.


If you like that here are the links to my books:



See you next week!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy May, 2011

Hi folks: Well, we did it! We survived "Word Season!" ( March 21st-April 30th in case you forgot. YAY!!!!!!!!!!) Can you believe that 2011 is already almost half over? Lots of stuff happening! Here are the highlights:

1. Creative Wellness Center's May-Art Show Opening: Location 320 N. Goodman Street Rochester, NY 14607 : These folks have over 150 galleries in the area and provide showcase opportunities for both new and established artist as well as workshops and convention opportunities. Come check them out! Friday, May 6th 2011, 6-9:30 P.M.

2. Thursday, May 5 ,2011 • 8:00pm - 11:00pm Location: Fanatic Salon 3815 Sawtelle Blvd.
Culver City, California. Created by Peter Coca Just below Venice Blvd. Tix $10 Produced by Jack Fry Tales from the Little Apple-Peter Coca, Last of the Knott's - Don Knott: Peter is one of the best character actors currently working in LA. I'm proud to call him both my mentor and friend. If you've never experienced Peter Coca before come and check him out! If you have, THEN YOU'LL KNOW WHAT YOU 'LL BE MISSING IF YOU DON'T SHOW UP! If I still lived in LA I'd be there in a heartbeat! You should go too. and as a special bonus you get Don Knott one of the original "Carma Bums" He's more of a satirist poet ( Think Woody Allen, Andy Kaufman Etc.) whereas Peter is more of a storyteller, monologist ( Walt Whitman, Sir Alec Guinness, Patrick Stewart, ( Capt. Jean Luc Picard for those uneducated among you.) Tennessee Williams Etc.)

3. Just found out about a new call in poetry radio show based out of Chicago, Il called P.O.E.T ( People of Extreme Talent) hosted by Tony Briscoe . Sundays for "Soul and Devotional Poetry" Mondays Anything Goes. Archived shows are available as samples on the web site. Check them out. Shows run 8-9 P. M. EDT.

4. After a 17 year relationship and doing literally hundreds of dollars of business together and dozens of submissions I finally got published by the Poetry Super Highway as one of the 23 poets selected for their special Yom Hashoa ( Holocaust Remembrance Day) Edition as Poets of the Week. In fairness , I know that the site is getting hits from all over the world and after 17 years in existence had become the "gold standard" of poetry related web sites. The web master is a guy by the name of Rick Lupert and like I said I've known and worked with him for years and I know he gets an average of 500 submissions a week and normally only choses two poets as the weekly features. He does look at all submissions personally and does this in his off hours when he's not spending time with his family , working as a Rabbi teaching the youth members of one of the biggest Temples in LA , hosting his reading , or working on his own poetry. It may take him a while to get to your submission but I can promise that eventually he WILL at least look at it! Like most things persistence pays off! Thanks again Rick! . You can check out the issue as the "current installment" through May 8th 2011 and in the Archives forever after that. Here’s the web site:

5. Because of my "trade name" ( I'm best known as "Laughing" Larry Berger in case you’re wondering , feel free to Goggle me!) I found out that not only was May 1, 2011 Holocaust Remberance Day, but it was also the first ever World Laughing Day as sponsored by Sweden's Laughing Yoga Society. Apparently the group does really exist! Here's the web site :

Go fig?

Whew! My hands are starting to cramp so I guess I'd better stop! LOL

Sorry no poem this week. Here's the links for my books:

See you next week !