Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy May 2011 (part two)

Hi folks: I hope y'all had a happy Mother's Day! ( Did you give your Mother, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Cousin or anyone else you can think of who might qualify a big hug from me too? THANK YOU!)

Here’s this week’s update:

1. There's a UK based Magazine that is currently accepting submissions from around the globe (as long as they are writen in the English language of course!) This may not seem like exciting news but I found out their turn- around time between receiving the submissions and getting the writer a notice of acceptance/rejection is only SIX WEEKS! ( After 17 years of helping people get published, trying to publish my own work, and working with no less than 15 companies whose sole business is helping writers get their submissions to publishers and magazines around the world that the ACROSS THE BOARD AVERAGE TIME FOR THIS IS FOUR MONTHS TO A YEAR!) So of course I just had to check it out! Especially since the writer who first told me about the publication did so by stating that the magazine had not only accepted her work but had actually PUBLISHED FOUR OF THIER POEMS WITHIN THE SPAN OF FOUR MONTHS and I had absolutely never heard of any one getting in that fast! I even went as far as to send them an email asking if they were in some way related to the editor or publisher. They wrote back telling me these had in point of fact been " blind submissions" and she had no previous connection to the publisher whatsoever. "Hearing" this I ABOSOLUTLY HAD to ask them for the web site and check out this publisher! They sent it to me and I found out that the magazine has been around for about 100 years and they Do produce a quality publication! The writer I mentioned and the others they published (I did not ask for permission to use their name before writing this blog which is why I have not and can't do so! Sorry!) Easily deserve Pushcart Prizes and other awards for their work! It REALLY is that good. (It kind of makes me a little scared to submit my own work to the magazine. I don't really consider my work in print to be on that level, even the stuff I AM willing to submit.) Anyway, after all that, here's the link:

Check them out for yourself!

Whew! I have more but I got a little long winded there! Sorry LOL!

Anyway, here's a short poem for you (incidentally, feel free to comment on any of the poems or anything else posted on this blog! You can leave the comments here or go to the "about me" section of the blog, get the address and send me a direct e-mail! Let me know if you think it’s good enough to submit! ) Here's the poem:


By “Laughing" Larry Berger

Underdog proved worthy

So did “The Spawn"

Sometimes we find our heroes

In the unlikeliest of places.

I think I watch too much TV.


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See you next week!

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