Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's finally all coming together!

Hi: I've gotten the opportunity to make a few changes recently. It's still kind of new but I think it'll be a HUGE improvement!  We'll see.  Here's what's up this time:
the three "readers" are:

1.Ilana Haley takes her literary inspiration from an Israeli childhood--- as a child of early kibbutz pioneers. These stories and poems reflect values and conflicts that helped to make the Nation of Israel. She left her kibbutz and spent two years in the army; from there to her life in Tel-Aviv as dancer with the Israeli Ballet,and then to America with a grant from The Martha Graham School. She found inspiration as a fashion designer, studying at the Chicago Art Institute, and as a Yoga teacher at the Yoga Circle in Chicago. After she finished her BA in Hebrew literature at the Spertus College in Chicago, she went back to Israel for few years and received her MA at Bar-Ilan University in Tel-Aviv. She came back to America to teach in high school (her favorite occupation-- as she says). After many years of writing and reflection she has finally, after the death of her mother, decided to publish this small volume of prose and poetry that begins to tell the stories that give words to her history and hopes. She is working now on a saga. Ilana Haley went through the wars which provide the background for her characters and their emotional strains and conflicts--and their efforts to heal themselves. Their stories are told in this book. They will take the reader into the realms of love, war, pain, passion, life reality and death. This book is a journey of life and death with all its complexity. Haley uses her expressive, evocative poetry to further awaken one’s senses and inspire contemplation of the meaning of existence and the value of emotion. 
Reading The Rocky HIll: Stories& poems, is a unique experience.Specialties:Ballet and yoga teacher. Life mentor to woman. Teacher of Bible as Literature. Editing any fiction and poetry. Published two books in two languages. Two books In publication now. She is also the most frequent guest poet on this blog!
2.Lee Mavin :.connect with marketing companies to promote books. Spread the word of our writers. Share thoughts and reviews of other publications Specialties:cover design, editing, short stories, poetry, novels
genres: sci-fi, horror, thriller, fantasy, young adult, teen, hip hop poetry.
3. Craig A. Lowen : Perform traditional pastoral duties such as evangelism, sermons, counseling, weddings and funerals, conduct counseling sessions emphasizing personal coaching, crisis, vocational, and work with professionals in auxiliary counseling for anxiety and depression, and perform fundraising through special events, capital campaigns, endowments,

And the stuff going on:

1.  The first annual urban Arts Festival for vision Everlasting: May 3-5th 2013 at TAZE Lounge, Tala Vera , The Dazzle Theater and Max at High Falls. Music, Art, Dance,  Poetry, Luncheon,Productions and More!  for more info Contact 585-820-3724 or 585-953-9401

2. http://  The cell  phone bill you save just might be your own! click on the link for details.

3Coming up fast is WNYBAC's 5th Annual Edible Book Festival Sunday, April 14th, 2013 4-8 pm .... All you book-lovers and bakers, consider making an entry and/or attending. This event invites participants to create edible books (think 'cakes') that are exhibited, documented, and then consumed. Additional festivities include: a basket raffle featuring goods from local businesses and organizations & a free edible book kids craft! Come hungry! Admission is $5 at the door ($3 for members of WNYBAC).

4.  The giggling goddess of the spoken word is totally awesome! Check out her new project! Ellyn Maybe

5.  Thomas Warfield : Friday, April 26, 2013, 6:30 PM Elibash Recital Hall of the Graduate Center of the City University of New York Free Admission / General Seating 365 Fifth Avenue (@34th Street) New York, NY 10016 

6  Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 6:30 PM Celtic Concert in Connecticut! Featuring Charle Zann Huntington Branch Library 41 Church Street Shelton, CT 06484 203-926-0111  The library is doing a season long salute to Scotland, and I am so happy they have invited me up for a special musical program to join in the salute---hope to see you there!

7.  Hi again, I hope you  don't mind my tooting my own horn here for a minute but I had realized I had all these other services available through Skysaje Enterprise all along! if you have any interest in any of them send me an e-mail at or give me a call at 585-334-6388 and let's talk, okay?  Here's the list. Sales/Marketing/ Academia/Entertainment/Wholesale/ Retail Distribution/Talent Management/Literary Sales for Film Book and New Media/ Basic Business Laws for  US Federal and California and New Your State for the Publishing and Retail Industries/ Public Relations/Media Services? Entertainment/ Literature Related Product Development.  Promotional Tours and items!  I hope this might interest some of you! visit the Web Site for more http://www.skysaje

8. Hi one more time! I just realized I might owe you all a HUGE apology.  I had just had an experience with the booker for a reading  where I had sent them 15 emails telling them I'd  be interested in doing the event they wanted me for and I had just gotten an e-mail from them saying it had been three weeks and they HAD NEVER HEARD FROM ME. I called the venue and told them to have the booker  get in touch. They sent me an e-mail with their phone number and we arranged for me to do the event on July 9th 2013 details to follow.  We thought we had it fixed so they asked me to e-mail them a bio for the event.  I did, I called them to follow up and they STILL said it did not go through. They checked and it turns out it had been coming through all along and had just been going into the SPAM FOLDER instead of the inbox. I just got another e-mail from a contact that said they had not been getting their e-mails sending out the info they'd sent  to My People either.  unfortunately , I check my e-mail at least 3 times a day and there is at least 3,000 e-mails in it every time! clearly I've been missing business because of this.  YOUR E-MAILS JUST DID NOT GET THROUGH! IF YOU SEND AGAIN AND YOU DON'T HEAR FROM ME IN 3 DAYS, PLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM THAT I DID GET THE E-MAIL OKAY? Thanks!  

10.  2nd Annual RTPA  spring craft show at Trinnity Emmanual Lutherin Church. Click for details or visit: for Vendor List & Websites!

11.Kim Pandina Just launched Her blog Check it out! 

See you next time! 

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