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Thanks for the feed Back Frank!

Hi Folks:
  We'll Frank was HALF right in his comments anyway. I agree that large posts with a lot of listing may make things difficult to follow so I promise the calendar sections of these post will be limited to no more that 6 items, okay? Is that fair enough?  However, contrary to what Frank said in the last post there is now and always has been a way to get me your comments and let me know you've read one or more post on this blog other than by leaving them as a comment here. All you have to do is send them to me via e-mail or if you'd rather via Postal Carrier.  ( Sorry but I GREATLY appreciate the service the postal service and its accomplishments durring its long history so  I just can't bring myself to call it "snail mail" without feeling like I'm giving the most grievous insult to any and everyone who had or ever will be connected to the postal service for all time!)   You can find my contact info on my web site at:  I may leave the info here on the blog in this or future posts too, but I promise I'll only do it if there's enough room left without getting too long. Now, Onwards!

The three "readers" this time are:

1 Dr. Erika Gault: It's a Doctorate in American Studies. African American Religious History is my concentration.Is there a Doctor in the HOUSE?! Erika Haygood Gault will be officially receiving her PhD. from University at Buffalo on May 10!! Congrats! 

2. Mark States: Mark States is a spoken word artist residing in Charlotte, North Carolina but originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. He incorporates elements of poetry, performance poetry, sketch comedy, song &; storytelling in his live appearances ranging from the smallest of cafes to the largest of theaters.Mark is also an experienced event emcee, having hosted numerous open mikes, festivals, and community events since the mid-1990s. Mark was the founding host of Poetry Express in Berkeley, CA, the long-running weekly open mike that first opened its doors in April 2002. Founding member of The Rhythmic Revolution poetry troupe, Mark also was a member of the 2008 San Francisco Poetry Slam Team, aka “Team Miracle,” and for several years facilitated the “Public Speaking for Poets” workshops at the Berkeley Art Center.

3. Peter Hepper : Our company grew from 1300 to 4000 employees while I oversaw Training. Developed our new hire programs as well as training in-restaurant "Experts" and managers to faciltate the programs effectively was a priority. Co-authored and initiated paper-based to E-learning for our associates. This growth included the opening of 45 restaurants. I established and supervised new restaurant opening teams who trained the entire staff and supported operations.

We hired as many as 100+ managers per year. Designed a Manager in Training program to develop associate position abilities, shift management skills, understanding and execution of " Applebee's culture." Created and facilitated up to 5 day Manager Skill Development workshops.

And here's whats going on:

1. Hi folks only a few days to go so now its “pick your premium” time! $25 or more gets you your choice of any 1 of my titles listed in the products section of my web site at $50 + get’s you your choice of 2 $75+ a 1 hour phone- on-line or in person consultation depending on your geographical proximity to the Greater Rochester,NY area$150+ 1 reading or 45 minuet seminar presentation or equivalent discount on the same if out of area travel arangemts need to be made.Again please contribute what you can as fast as you can! We've just a few DAYS LEFT! Here's the contribution link:

The anthologies are sold everywhere, and there are no restrictions on who can submit. Every poet included in the anthology receives a copy (posted to them free whether it be the UK, New Zealand or the Seychelles etc) and yes, poets are offered discounts on further copies. One of the purposes of The Poetic Bond is to evoke a community response, promoting and sharing poetry to as wide an audience as possible. Many of the poets in the first two anthologies have promoted it through their blogs and added it to their bios, creating an enhanced web presence so as everyone involved may receive a higher profile and potentially more readers. Check the website above and click on the 2013 submission link for info. 
By Trevor Maynard

 Kate Tempest is from London. Following are links to a short bio on Wikipedia; and an article in The Guardian regarding her Ted Hughes Award. According to one site on the Internet, she's touring in England.  Kate Tempest wins Ted Hughes poetry prize for 'spoken story' THE GUARDIAN 

4.  There are so many things happening at PondWater in May that I wanted to be sure to let you know far in advance so you can save the date! Ellyn Maybe & Robbie Fitzsimmons have a new project that I am so excited about and we get to see them here right at the beginning of their cross-country tour. 

5. Steve Melnyk invites you to an upcoming dinner &; presentation hosted at Locust Hill  next Wednesday May 1st.  The main topic of this seminar will be on Investing in Bonds in Today’s markets.  A lot of people have questions and concerns about what to do with the bond portion of their portfolio given the current climate. I wondered if this would be a topic that might be of interest to you.  Spouses or a guest are welcome to attend as well. Steve has listed the seminar details below.
Date:Wednesday, May 1st 2013 Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm (Dinner will be served)
Location:Locust Hill Country Club 2000 Jefferson Rd Pitsford NY 14534 Topic & Speaker
We will be having a guest speaker, Chin Liu  a Quantitative Research Analyst from Pioneer Investments, to talk about the current state of the bond market. He will be covering concerns such as:

*Where to find income in a low interest rate environment

*What bond areas are most attractive now

*What bonds to invest in with a rising interest rate environment

*How likely is a Bond Bubble burst, etc.  

He will be speaking to these topics and other bond related topics.

If you are interested in attending please call or email me to reserve a spot. Please feel free to pass along this invitation to anyone that you think might benefit from this presentation. If you do have others interested in attending please just let me know how many people will be in your group and their names.  They can also respond to me directly at 585-899-2675 or via email at

Thanks and have a great afternoon,


Whew! This ones kind of long huh? Okay, It's five this time six starting next post ?  See you then! 

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