Monday, April 22, 2013

We've reached the mid point of National Poetry Month 2013!

Hi folks: Whew, 1/2 way through right? Here's some more stuff:

The three "readers" this time are:

1. Don G: Don Giancursio is our president and principal software engineer. He has years of experience in the technology industry. Specializing in Software, Web Design & SEO, Electronics, and SW & HW Testing. Also Embedded Controllers, C, C++, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, XML, Java, JavaScript, Assembly Language.Contact me for a no-charge review of your needs.

2. David Powe: Powe considers his consulting business to still be in launch mode, although he has found success and fulfillment in his first year as a consultant, and has learned a few valuable lessons along the way. “You have to get used to knowing that you have to constantly produce new clients as part of doing business. It’s a different feeling from a regular job, with the security of a check every week. It’s invigorating and challenging – if you don’t do something, it doesn't get done. And you have to network!” “My approach to business and life is to give as much as I can,” he said. “One reason consulting seemed like the way to go is that I have more control over that – if I want to help out, I can.”

3. Aceyon Owens: International poet and performer. His talents range from screen writer and play write, to actor and aspiring director. Anthony Aceyon Owens is a power house that is on the rise. Born and raised in Rochester New York . 

 Things happening for this time:

Hi folks: I've been running a crowd funding campaign on the web site to test the viability of the resources as a funding source for future events as well.  Unfortunately do to other business I have not published the campaign quite as much as I could have and it may in fact be  for this reason the campaign has only raise $10 of the $500 goal so far. However, the campaign does still have a full 10 days left to achieve its goal!  It is for a tour in Bingemton,NY to be arranged with the help of an independent bookstore there called Bindings Bookstore  which is currently caring some of my titles.  It may not require more than an $80 bus ticket or a $20 contribution for gas and food to get us there , but for personal reasons I do not drive on the thruway yet and I also do not like to tour alone. I do belong to a number of arts groups in NY including: The Artist breakfast group, Rochester Poets, The Rochester Improvement Society, Just Poets, the ROC Bottom Poetry Collective and more.All members of all of these group are of course invited to join me and may be interested in using the resourse for events of their own , if in fact it works here and to prove that I need your help!  

Once again, there are 10 days left in the campaign in which to raise up to the $500 to fully fund the project. accepts  payments via pay pal or directly from credit cards.  Their minimum is $1 and donations can range from there all the way up to the campaign total. $500 in this case. Can you please help make this a fair test and donate what you can between now and  May 2, 2013 at midnight to see if this would be a viable funding option or not?  Here is the link:

Please donate what you can as soon as you can and let's find out okay?

Thanks for the support! 

1. Moonday East celebrates National Poetry Month with Carol V. Davis &; Linda Dove.

  Where: Flintridge Books is at 1010 Foothill Blvd, La Cañada, CA.
More poems and more about the poets:


May 19      Katie Kingston &; Deborah Kolodji 
June 16     Karen Greenbaum-Maya &; Khadija Anderson
July 21      Teresa Mei Chuc &;  Lynne Thompson 
August 18 Jeremy Radin
September 15 Charles Harper Webb &; Ronald Koertge  
(Series ends here.)


May 13         Grace-Marie Grafton & Maggie Westland 
June 10        Shirley Windward (In Memoriam) & Gail Gauldin Moore 
July 8           Katherine Czerwinski & Alex Frankel 
August 12     Gloria Vando & Anika Paris
September 9 Larry Colker &; Majid Naficy
October 14    Neil McCarthy
November 11 Sharon Venezio ; Christopher Locke
December 9  Jeanette Clough  &; Brynn Saito 

Best, Alice Pero Founder /Host     *** Lois P. Jones Co-Producer/Host

2. check it out!

3. Our Voice: a new bi- monthly Lit Mag with an African-American flair but  don't let that fool you! This is very much an ARTS AND COMMUNITY based magazine currently based in Rochester,NY
check it out at:


Mac highway .com hosts my web site at  check them out and if you like them sign up too!

5. New business e-mail:

6. Sunday Sound Sensations:  6-10 p.m. The Ultra Lounge 2815 Crisman St. Charlotte,NC 28208

7. One Voice One Mic is about the bonding of all artist. Poetry and Music, Special guest and surprise co host. Building a bond between our world while giving everyone a chance to call in and share a love for what they do. In the end we all become One Voice to One Mic.
Dial 714-694-4131 or Skype to listen or chat. Link to show.

8. Round 50 of Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts is brought to you by the Mystic Boxing Commission. The Spar takes place Sunday, May 26th at 5 p.m. at The Last Bookstore (453 S. Spring St., with main entrance around the corner on 5th) Downtown Los Angeles, CA. This will be a colossal poetry event featuring some of the City Of Angels best mystic boxing poet champions. Your host will be Mike ThePoet Sonksen.
 Whew! lost of stuff! The books are all listed on the web site now  visit and click on the products section to view complete list.  See you next time! 

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