Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is it!

We're down to the last full week of National Poetry Month! I hope you've enjoyed the poems I've posted they have been some of my best work! This is also the final week to enter the Skysaje Enterprises 5th annual poetry contest. details follow the poem:
By Lawrence R. Berger
You offer me a treasure
far beyond the dreams
of mortal men
And just one single night with you
would satisfy the eternal lust of Zeus himself
Ah but alas i am only a man
With naught but human emotions
And I couldn't possibly worship you as you truly deserve
for I am but a mere mortal
and I have no powers to grant
All i have to offer you would be my heart
Ah but then again tell me please how can i give you
that which you already own?
(c) 1999 Lawrence R. Berger First published in Instant poetry (just add words!)
here are the contest details:
Skysaje Enterprises 5th annual poetry contest
$250.00 grand prize and three $25.00 Honorable mentions
Submission guidelines:
1. submit up to 5 pages per submission.
2. all works must be typed in 14 points font or greater.
3. Author contact info must appear on every page
4. a $15.00 non refundable entry fee must be included with each submission.
5. submission deadline 4/30/09
Make checks payable to L. Berger
and mail submissions to:
Skysaje Enterprizes
50 amesbury Rd.
rochester, NY 14623
see you next week.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your poetry paints pictures with words--the highest praise I can think of. I am not a fan of "stiff, rigid, technically perfect" poetry, I like your work--I haven't read all of it, but please keep writing, "grounded" poets are hard to find!

--Ann Maid