Saturday, June 27, 2009

special edition

Hi folks: What with Michale Jackson and Farah Faucet dying so young and the world in morning I thought it might be appropriate to issue a special edition of this blog . So, here's the poem :

Moonwalk with Angeles
by Lawrence R. Berger
Every generation has its heroes
and they forget that their idols are mortal too.
folks admire a life well lived and fantasise
that spark fame can be greater than the idols can bear
Pin up pictures and music videos changed
the way we see entertainment
ultimately its the memories that build
a legacy. These two now sleep with the Angeles
the world is in morning and icons are being canonizes
in record stores everywhere.
his children did not lose any money from his last tour that can't be made up of
memorabilia sales for there own kids foundation . Do not weep for the children but for their parents who made us all sing.

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