Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thank God for small favors

Hi folks: not much new happening this week. remember,I'm scheduled to do a set for the Rochester Poets group on September 3rd 2008 at the Hughes Rotunda room at St. John Fisher college. (3690 East ave . in Rochester , NY) The show starts at 7:00pm and runs till about 9:00pm. I go on at 7:00pm-7:15 pm . There will be an open mic so bring words . see you there !
now for the poem of the week:
In the life of...
In days of old
when knights were bold and the minstrels carried a tune
spring flew in on robin's wing and lasted from march till June.
If you'd found the call to make a journey north of
Hadron's wall and found yourself in need of renewing hops bright spark
You'd simply forge a new quest and search for a nest of the bird called the meadowlark.
These days I find we haven't the time to listen for a seasons song
and we take nary a blink to stop and think and I consider this to be very wrong.
Ah but there are those few heroes
the truly shaman and sage
those for whom life is in bloom and all the worlds a stage .
Yes its these few heroes
who'll make sure we never lose
the kiss of a breeze or an elders wheeze
or the voice of the laughing goose
for you have my word it 'tis the birds that bring the
voices of song to man
so take the time to ask for a rhyme
or write one yourself and join in the band.

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