Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Saga Continues...

HI folks : Still looking for a job but I've had some very good interviews this week so we'll see if anything comes up. I tried to get into this on-line college thing but the school I tried wanted $425.00 per unit with a minimum of eight units per semester! Even with financial aid I can't afford that ! So I withdrew from that college quick! Maybe I'll be employed soon but I want to put out the word to make sure you know how much your tuition will cost before you take any classes. So here's this weeks poem:

By the skin of my teeth
By Lawrence R. Berger
Whew! That was close.
I can't imagine paying of the loans in my sixties!
I'm not even sure I'll live that long !
I've got to get a nice job, that will help set me up
for the future . Maybe you can help.
see you next week!