Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sorry folks!

I'm back! sorry I missed last week but I'm here now! here's this weeks poem :

Stuff Happens 3
By Lawrence R. Berger
We leave Kansas city smooth as silk
but get hit between the eyes with
a three hour delay in Atlanta on our way
home .
What to do?
we decided to eat before we left Kansas
so we end up just watching kids play hackysack
by the phones. I wonder if the kids even knew what they were for.
Poppy gives his hydrogen peroxide speech for the millionth time
and the time moves on. we're asleep in our chairs when we hear the overhead
"now boarding flight 2210 to Rochester"
we get on the plane and
I have a coke .
we land and run to baggage claim and miracle of miracles our luggage comes off the rack ! we get home about 3:30 am exhausted but happy to sleep.
see you next week.

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