Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The trip Part two

Hi folks : Happy fourth of July! Today's the seventh but who's counting? Anyway here's the way home.:
My cousin's Wedding Part two the way home
By Lawrence R. Berger
I wake to the phone in the room ringing.
My parents are calling to get me up to go to the
breakfast that is being provided for out of town guests .
I dress quickly and bring my luggage out of the room
to meet them. We go to the lobby and check out .
They offer to hold our bags
till we actually leave and we take them up on it.
Inside they have a huge spread:
eggs ,salmon. sausage and bacon
and all kinds of baked goods.
I feel sorry for the hotel , nobody touched the sausage or bacon,
though why they would serve pork at a Jewish wedding is beyond me.
We sit with my brother, Cheeseburger and his wife .
We sing Happy Birthday but no cake . Anyway we spend the morning together.
At 3:45 we collect out bags and the Super Shuttle picks us up.
The driver's name is Tony and he informs us that we are his last passengers.
He was leaving the company to bicycle to New York from Tampa
Poppy gives a pep talk that lasts the entire trip . We get to Air Trans and check our luggage . Selma eats an ice cream as we wait for the tram to our gate.
Poppy gets stuck in security even though he wore his cloth belt.
But we make the gate and onto the plane and have to wait an hour for take off due to weather conditions . My cousin Cindy and her family sit in the row in front of us. She tells us she told her kids to get tall ladders for eloping after what she saw
her sister spent in Florida . There is a crowd at the gate and they send us to the wrong baggage claim but eventually we get our bags and make our way home.
see you next week!

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