Friday, October 15, 2010

Special update !

Hi folks: I normally just update this bolg once a week, but I just got word that my new book Instant Poetry(Just Add Words!) third edition is out on I Universe! You can get copies at your local Barnes and Noble bookseller , through me or by calling I Universe at 1-800-288-4677
the Isbn number is 978-1-4502-5552-3 for the paperback or 978-1-4502-5553-0 for the e-book ! you can order on line from . The book sells for $8.95 as does the e-book . Here's a poem from the book:

Bubble Gum
by Lawrence R. Berger

Soft and warm between my teeth
an old lover returns
sweet yet tangy inside my mouth
as over and over she dances
building ever more desire
slowly she turns up the heat
stoking the fire untill
her passions no longer confinable
she explodes ! Releasing the rapture of the moment.
And then
she slids along my tounge for
one more tango.

see you next week .
Buy lots of books! It's gift giving season after all.

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