Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm busy this week!

Hi folks : I know this is a day early but it's a busy week ! here's the poem for Christmas. :

On the Fritz
By Lawrence R. Berger
The road stretches onward
back through time and into the future.
Spot came first!
with her silent laughter and ready licks to brighten your day.
Next came Scooter and his high wire act
he'd only bark when the wells were successfully drilled.
Next came Lorca and Sam.
a lordly couple that couldn't scare a fly
but eagerly put up with poems and makeover madness
in a town without prostitutes.
we have Fritz the cute!
Who longingly looks for walks
and grandma's cookies
and remains broken
like a genital horse you can settle onto.
Love comes in many sizes.
fortunately they all fit.

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