Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ah. It was good!

Hi folks: Boy I had fun at the reading last night! I made $36.50 but that's not the only reason it was a good night. I did my set and got a lot of good reactions from the attendees but the fun really got started during the second half of the show. A local improve poet Named Grace Flores showed up and joined me for some freestyle poetry after everyone on the sign up list went up. After we did a few pieces she put on a clinic giving us her techniques for doing improve and cementing her invitation to an Improve poetry workshop being sponsored in June by the Rochester Poets organization. I'm scheduled to be the other presenter at this workshop so next week I have to go to the Tango again and do the "Impossible". There was a Poet named Peter there last night who declared himself incapable of learning to Freestyle. It's now my personal mission in life to prove him wrong and earn my spot in the workshop. It turns out he's going to be the feature next week at the Tango so my work is cut out for me. Wish me luck! Here's this weeks poem:

Change is good for the soul.
By Lawrence R. Berger
In the natural progression of life
things work like this :
First, you learn how to do it.
Next you get good at it through experience
then you show others how.
Take talking for example.
at first
you start out with a few words
when you're about two or three.
By the time your five no one can shut you up!
During your teenage years you learn to talk to your friends
and actually say something interesting.
By the time you reach thirty
most people have enough experience talking to begin to teach their kids how or
share their native tongue with someone from a foreign land.
It's that way with most things in life I'm beginning to find
but the transitions are hard !
It's easier just to continue to learn new things all your life
then to put yourself out there on a limb and risk it getting sawed off from
under you .
But it's been said that the natural progression of life is
birth , childhood, teenage years, adulthood, old age and finally death
and no man may deviate from this progression and still call themselves human.
I've found a loop hole though.
If you follow the natural progression of
Learn, Use, Teach
You can leave behind you knowledge for all time!
Look at the bible!
It's lasted two thousand years plus ! People all over the world are still discovering its teachings!
It's the same for you in your life!
Share you knowledge and you might live forever!
Like Tennyson, Keats,Poe and the others you might be around for a few hundred years longer than you might be otherwise.
Change is good for the soul!
So share the wealth!
see you next week.

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