Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Valentinesday 2011 Part two.

Sorry folks, I ran out of room. Here's the poem:

Reply for a Goddess
By Lawrence R. Berger
You offer me a treasure
far beyond the dreams
of mortal men.

Just one single night with you could
satisfy the eternal lust of Zeus himself!

Ah , but alas
I'm only a man!
With naught but human emotions,
and I could never possibly worship you as you truly deserve!

For I am but a mere mortal
and I have no powers to grant.

All I could ever hope to give you would be my heart!

Ah , but tell me please 
how can I possibly give you
that which you already own?
(c)1999 Lawrence R. Berger

An old poem I know, but Its the most appropriate one I have for valentines day and its in the book : Instant poetry ( Just add words!) 

to get your copy. Books make great Valentinesday gifts!

See you next week!

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