Monday, April 23, 2012

Better late than not at all!

Hi folks: I know , I know. I'm a week late getting this out. Please accept my apologies.  My mom had to have emergency surgery and just got home the day after this blog was due. She's in with the Physical Therapist right now and on the mend, but there was just no way in hell I could concentrate enough to write! Her's what's going on for this post :

1. What: Benefit for Occupy Rochester
When: Sat. April 28, 4:30-9:00 pm
Where: The Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY
Cost: Flexible Donation. We’re hoping to publish a zine to keep the word alive about OR’s struggle and similar
occupations throughout the nation.

2. The 9th annual Poetry Month Celebration at Lift Bridge Book Shop.
 The event will start at 12:30PM on April 29th (Sunday).  I am looking forward to what always is a wonderful afternoon of reading ,listening, and talking about poetry and poets!  There will be great music (provided by Rick Nicholson who has been here before), refreshments, an intermission with a chance to mingle, a raffle, and plenty of poetry to be heard.  I want to thank all those  reading poetry ahead of time for participating and making this event such a special occasion!  There will be a sign up list for poets
Lift Bridge Book Shop
45 Main St.
Brockport, NY 14420
on the day of the reading.  As you arrive, please sign up for a slot.

3. From May 4–June 9, Albany Center Gallery presents the 2012 Mohawk Hudson Regional Invitational, featuring the work of Renee Iacone, Nancy Van Deren, and Lynn Schwarzer. Each year, ACG selects participants from past Mohawk-Hudson Regional exhibits in order to showcase their work in greater depth, and is proud to highlight these three unique and accomplished local artists in 2012.

4. All That Glitters, a musical about the life of flamboyant entertainer Liberace, is eyeing a Broadway run in April 2013.  Directed, composed and choreographed by Alexander DeJong, the show will have a workshop at the Baryshnikov Arts Center running from May 8 through May 11. Three actors (Richard Kline, Zachary S. Berger and Kevin Dolan) will play the famed pianist at different stages of his life. The musical also features a book by DeJong and James A. Walsh and additional music by Tom Nelson.  ( In case your wondering, the answer is yes! Zachary Berger and I ARE related!) 

5. Rochester poets may reading  2-4P.M. Sunday Our next event is Sunday, May 20  Ross Gallery of the Skalny Welcome Center at Fisher 3690 East Ave  Rochester, New York 14618. Our featured poet will be Jacob Rakovan.

Whew! That's a lot of stuff ! Here's a poem for you:

You never know! 

By " Laughing" Larry Berger 

Tommorow is not guaranteed for any of us!
Death is the only sure part of life.
Everything else is up for grabs!

You could be a millionaire one day
and  on the street the next! 
Fortune is what you make of it 
and so far I'm very lucky! 

Neat huh? 

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