Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The young soldier turned very slowly 
in a circle; as shadows dim; in dim shadows, 
The young soldier hesitantly 
walks on… 
Toward the sea. 

"I see… no, perhaps I was mistaken. 
My eyes were watching that rainbow, 
just beyond– that rainbow dimming beyond. 
My stretch of sand and sea…where the wild cypress 
stands alone, a sentinel– just as I…

Just beyond, unseen, hardly there, 
stand a man and a woman…
or is it a boy and a girl? 
She is dark...he is fair. 
Their hand are clasped. 

That much I can see, 
or do I really?
Night has come
so suddenly.
Perhaps I am dreaming."

Shadows in summer night follow vaguely in his path. 
They are shadows of a boy and a girl… 
or a man and a woman… or are they really? 
Perhaps it is only a reflection of the moon 
upon the water. Perhaps I am just dreaming. 

A young soldier is walking. 
He turns slowly, then walks on
toward a cypress tree
standing lonely,
just beyond. 

The sea tremors faintly in salty whispers,
vaguely, in his path. 
In dimmed shadows… 
two hands they disappear into their distance… 
All is silent...

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