Friday, September 26, 2008

friday september 25, 2008

hi folks: well September is almost over and so are my current gigs for the year. I'm always looking for reading opportunities so if you like my work please e-me and we'll talk about my doing a set for you. Also, Please send me your comments on what you think of my words! it's hard to keep up a blog without feedback so please give me some. Now here's this weeks poem:

Gold Star
By Lawrence R. Berger
Happiness is fleeting
but its often worthwhile.
Children are given gold stars for doing a good job in school.
Better than A's or B's these symbolise excellence.
I Miss getting the gold stars to put on the refrigerator
they used to look so pretty.
but at 42 i guess I'll have to settle for monetary compensation.
or I need to have kids who get the gold star.
But I did make it to 42 .
at least that's something to celebrate.
See you next week.