Thursday, October 30, 2008

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Thanks for all the support you've shown me since I started this blog! It's been really fun writing it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry i am not about to shut it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But instead of one of my own poems this week I've got a real treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm starting to advertise my fifth annual poetry contest and I've included one of last year's Honorable mentions in the ad. Even though the contest doesn't officially start till 12/1/08 I think you'll like the poem So I'm posting the ad here this week. Enjoy Narrowing the line by Kate Eisenberg and feel free to take down or copy the submission info if you chose to see you next week.
Announcing the Fifth Annual Skysaje Enterprises poetry contest.
This year we’re offering a $250.00 first prize and three $25.00 honorable mentions.
This years judges are:
Ellaraine Lockie: Multiple award wining poet, ( including our 2008 contest)
MJ Iuppa: Legendary Rochester, NY based poet and professor at St. John Fisher College.
Rick Petrie: co-host of the long running Pure Kona poetry series.
Guidelines for entry into the 2009 contest:
1. All entries must be typed in 14pts font
2. Submit up to five (5) poems per entry
3. Title of poem and author contact info must appear on each page submitted.
4. A $15.00 non-refundable entry fee must accompany all submissions.
5. All entries must be received in our offices between 12/1/08 and 4/30/09
Make check or money orders payable to L. Berger and mail to us at:
Skysaje Enterprises
50 Amesbury Rd.
Rochester, NY 14623
Due to a publishing conflict we are as yet unable to present the winning poem from the 2008 contest ( Ellaraine Lockie’s She reads Virginia Wolfe) below is one of the three honorable mentions from last year:
Narrowing the line
By Kate Eisenberg

1930 and hunger ruled.
it was wrong I know,
but it was there and our children were starving.
We were walking
The back roads of rural Mississippi
carrying everything we owned,
looking to work the fields .
thin but strong
All of us.
My husband took off his hat,
went to the back door and asked about work.
mean as a caged tiger,
A woman came at him broom swinging.
We all hightailed it back to the road.
as we gathered our wits a large cock strutted our way.
I looked up to God and asked his forgiveness .
With that I grabbed it and I wrung its neck.
Safe on another stretch of highway we built a fire.
Best darn chicken I ever did eat.
Every one of us scraped the bones.
Poverty has a way of narrowing the line between predator and prey.
ã 2008 Kate Eisenberg . Used by permission

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