Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well it's over!

Hi folks : The mid term elections are now finally history! Maybe now we'll see more growth in the economy and get this country back on track . My candidate for Governor Didn't win but two of my Senate candidates were elected! We'll soon see what if anything changes . Now on to this weeks poem:

Temporary Insanity
By Lawrence R. Berger
Politics is strange!
The wolves chase the good ones
out of the pack as the elk preen and strut
their voices pronouncing the truth of their hunger.
Sheep are led to pasture by the Shepard
who watches for wolves.

Politics is strange
but it's like our favorite
sports teams lining up on the
grid iron for a Sunday afternoon Battle
We get energised and polarised
by our favorites.
My candidate did not win
so now we've got no chance
of getting any thing done.
See you next week.

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