Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Well It's March!

Can you believe we're already three months in to 2011? Where does the time go? I'm still available for bookings in case you didn"t know that and without further ado here's this weeks poem. It's excerpted from an upcoming collection called "Entitlement." :

The Dead Poets Overture

By Lawrence R. Berger
There was a time

when the value was clear.

A bard’s tale was worth a portion from the table

and a poet’s song was worth a cup of wine.

Return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear.

But first I need a drink! Man I need a drink! Won’t one of

You good people be kind enough to buy me a frigging beer?

Excuse me ma’am but you have the most gorgeous legs that I have ever seen! Hey there sir would you like to have a" Naked Lunch?" Hey I’m sorry folks that was not me; I was temporarily possessed by the spirits of William Burrows and Charles “Hank” Bukowski.

I went to the doctor feeling low I told him “Doc in my head there is such an Ezra Pound and I’m all full of Tennyson and a Milton aches! Can you help me find a cure?” he said “Son your fine! You’re just reading a poem called the Dead Poets Overture.” So let’s not forget about Wild Bill (Shakespeare)

Edgar Allen Poe and many more I do not know.

Gotta rhyme, gotta rhyme, oh hell I’m running out of time

After this entire fellow must be kept at one page long.

We’ve nearly reached the end at last. It has truly been a blast!

This poem never ends as long as we have poet friends. Now I’ll make sure the torch is past to poets like you and you and you and all poets living, dead

and yet to be born to whom we owe a great big thank you!

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see you next week!

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