Monday, October 10, 2011

Hi again! Lots more going on! see blog for info!

Wow! What a busy week! Lyn Lifshin tomorrow, Billy Collins the next day, Michael Meyerhofer this weekend  and even more going on than that! Check the last two blog posts for details on these events. Here's what's going on between today (10/12/11) and next week  (10/19/11) as far as I know right now!:

1. October Milonga
Saturday, October 22 at 9:00pm - October 23 at 1:00am
Tango Cafe Dance Studio
389 Gregory St. Rochester,NY 
( They have a music/poetry open mic on Mondays from 8-11 p.m. there too!) reserve your space today by calling the studio at 271-4930!

2. Holiday Fair at Custom Brew Crafters:

300 Village Square Boulevard Honeoye Falls, NY 14472-1180 (585) 624-4386
My friend Kim Pandina of Panda Wear sent me this for more info vist:

Davison Gallery, Roberts Wesleyan College2301 Westside Dr. (at Buffalo Rd)
Rochester, NY

4. New England Bloody Roots Music Festival
Saturday, October 22 at 12:00pm - October 23 at 2:00am
Ralph's Diner, Worcester Massachusetts
148 Grove St.
Worcester, MA
The New England Bloody Roots Music Festival is the Northeast's own heavy roots, country, folk and deep blues all day musical event featuring local and touring artists.

Bands Performing at the Festival:
(The 2011 Line up is full)

Ten Foot Polecats
Jeff Norwood
James Keyes
Geo Poor and Amy Levine
Scott Ricciuti and Pistol Whipped
The Farmer's Union Players
Jon Short
Erin Harpe and the Delta Swingers
Sharks Come Cruisin'
The Sarah Levecque Band
Angry Johnny and the Killbillies

The band line up is full for the festival, but we are currently looking for Vendors and Sponsors interested in being part of the festivities. 

Is that you? Email: for more info on how you can join.

5.  Please don't forget to register and show up! 
The mutli-million dollar poetry Industry workshop
Wednesday, October 19 · 1:00pm - 3:00pm

The Creative Wellness Center
320 N. Goodman Street Suite 201 Rochester, NY 14607

More Info
This is the first of 3 work shops being sponsored by the center on behalf of the Rochester Mental Health Association. This workshop will cover the 7 basic markets in which you CAN earn a living from poetry! ( IT WILL NOT COVER THE GREETING CARD OR SONG WRITING MARKETS) which together make up
the $7.5 Billion (YES I SAID BILLION WITH A B!) DOLLAR US POETRY INDUSTRY. This workshop will be presented by "Laughing" Larry B. Aka. Mr. Lawrence R.Berger who Is both a coalition member and a nationally famous poet with over 30 years of Sales and marketing experience who has also spend 12 years and one moth( on the day of this workshop) making his living in poetry by working in all seven of these markets. In addition you'll learn part of his history as well as : The two basic poetic orientations, how to develop a venue,Local ,regional,national and global reputations and the differences between them. How to "brand" yourself as an artist/business owner and why he thinks the term brand is misused. And ( depending on time available) a demonstration of " Laughing" Larry's Instant Poetry (just add words!) writing style and of course the opportunity to get any questions you might have going in or that may come up during the workshop answered. Space is Limited so please reserve your spot as soon as possible by calling CWC office manager Samantha McLean at (585) 325-3145 ext 142 the center is open to the public from at least 10:00 am-4 Pm Monday through Friday, later for special events. See you on the 19th of October you can also register via email. visit for the address and please let Sam know if you need an ASL interpreter!

* Special note to LA Poet/Comedian Dana Snow: Thanks for letting me use the title my friend!

( Hey, I'm doing this one myself so you just KNOW I'm gonna push it!) 


By "Laughing" Larry B.

Holy Halibut! I got the reading tonight! Lyn tomorow! Billy C.  and Greg Taylor and crew on Wednesdays and clients all week!  

When the heck am I gonna have time to write?  Poetry takes time to develop! each letter of each word must be painstakingly puzzled out ! 

Not to mention just which words will go in which stanza? These things take  time! and... 

Whoa! Hold on there a second!
This is My Poetry we're talking about here! 

the guy who does
 Poetry improv in 30 seconds or less

Who has done this for a living for over 12 years now and reguarly gets favioable comparisons to  Legends like Whitman , Dali and Bly! 

Whew! I almost forgot ! 
I guess I had time to write at least one poem this week huh?  (lola!) 

Yay! I did it! If you like this poem check out the books! here are the links:

see you next time! 

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