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Happy Veterans day!

Hi Folks! Happy veterans  day to all and don't forget to stop by the Art at the Armory show this weekend if you're in Rochester,NY! All vet's get in FREE ! Details can be found in last weeks post! (11/2/11) Here's the  new stuff for this week!

1. Round 27: Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts takes place at Santa Cruz Art League's Broadway 
Playhouse (526 Broadway, Santa Cruz) on Wednesday, November 16 at 7 p.m. Doors Open 

Open Mic Sign-up @ 6:30 p.m.

Featured readers include Ava Bird (from Berkeley), Lauren Crux, John Laue, Leon Petty, Paul Corman Roberts(from San Francisco)  and Donald Young. Event hosted by Yaryan and co-
sponsored by Poetry Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz Art League. This event will have an open mic 
with sign-ups at 6:30 p.m. Show starts at 7 p.m. $5 suggested donation.

2. You've just got to read this!  click on the link, read the article. You'll understand! 

3. DSO 11/19 @ State Theatre [Our 2000th show!]
Saturday, November 19 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm Tickets:
 They ARE kind of good. Don't believe me? Here's the YouTube Video.
You decide! 

4. Blaise Smith Presents: The Swine n Dine @ Pig n Whistle Thursday, November 17 at 8:30pm - November 18 at 1:00am
Pig 'n Whistle
6714 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA

 Come one, come all. To wine and swine and dine at Pig n Whistle. Sit where Marylin and Bugsy once sat when they wined, swined and dined and made immortal the Pig.

Musical entertainment is top tier. Dig. Enjoy. See some of you there.

$6 cover- 18 and over. Full menu (pub food) Right on the walk of fame (pink marble stars with celebrity names line the side walk) (people fight each other) (they howl) Most importantly, drive safe and dont get a DUI. (Black mini skirts in high abundance parading, stumbling) very entertaining. 
5.Stella Adler Open Mic !!!!!  Tuesday, November 22 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm

6773 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028 2nd floor

6. Dear Friends, Moonday in the Village (Moonday West) continues our run at the  Buerge Chapel at Aldersgate Retreat in the Palisades. We invite all our poets and listeners to experience this lovely, peaceful spot close to the Pacific Ocean.
The staff at Aldersgate has been most gracious to offer Moonday this wonderful setting for our reading. 

Date: Monday (Moonday) November 14, 2011
Time:  7:30 pm 
Place:  Buerge Chapel at the Aldersgate Retreat Center, 925 Haverford Ave, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
Open Reading?
 Yes, come early to sign up.You can also sign up by email:
Questions?  Email:
Directions? Call the Aldersgate office: 310-454-6699 during office hours
Please do check out their website: 

In November we are proud to feature James Ragan  Peggy Dobreer.More about the poets and more poems at:


Rochester Area Vegetarian Society upcoming meeting 11/ 20/11: T. COLIN CAMPBELL, PH.D.
speaks on “A Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet: What The China Study Has Taught Us”
Dr. T. Colin Campbell is Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell. His China study, the results of which were published in 1991, followed thousands of people in 65 provinces over twenty years,  and was the largest epidemiological study ever conducted of the connection between diet and disease. The study showed a direct
correlation between the consumption of animal  protein, including dairy protein, and chronic disease. Dr. Campbell’s book, The China Study, presents his own research and that of other scientists showing “the connection
between nutrition and heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and also its ability to reduce or reverse the risk or effects of these deadly illnesses.” He also “examines the source of nutritional confusion produced by powerful lobbies, government entities, and irresponsible scientists” (, Dr. Campbell has received media
attention as one of the major figures whose life and research is profiled in the feature length film “Forks Over Knives.” This film has been called “the movie that could save your life,” and the more than 300 people who
filled the Rochester Academy of Medicine to view it in September can testify to that. Dr. Campbell’s scientific and personal integrity led him to part ways with mainstream nutritional authorities and to recommend a completely plant-based diet. Now there is a groundswell of evidence and a growing cultural consensus in favor of this
way of eating. Come to our November meeting to hear Dr. Campbell speak,  Dr. Campbell is  a member of the
North American Vegetarian Society’s HALL OF FAME! PLEASE NOTE: We always welcome new people at our meetings. You may attend just the dinner, just the program, or both; there is no need to “reserve” for either. If you attend the dinner, we ask that you pay a $3 Non-Member Fee in addition to bringing a vegan dish to pass. . Non-Member Fee will be subtracted from your dues, if you decide to join later in the meeting.No fee is charged to attend the program portion of the meeting. Unless otherwise indicated, regular meetings are held on the third Sunday of the month at the Brighton Town Park Lodge, 5:30 PM Vegan Share-a-Dish Dinner, 7:00 PM Program.

 Whew! Another Busy Week!
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Let me know!

I THINK I might have room for a poem this week! I'm not sure, but I'll try! Here goes:

By "Laughing"  Larry Berger 
It all started with a Rock!
Then a yell.

Next came the lyre and the flute
followed closely by
Minstrels and Fools  

who in turn were replaced by the likes of Mozart, Choppan, Beethoven, Baudelaire, Shakespeare and the like. 

it's Billy Collins, Tupac Shikur, Areatha Franklin, Barbra Streisand, Madonna Cher and me.  

The more things change the more they stay the same.
the values are still:

a Bard's tale is worth a portion from the table
and a Poet's song is worth a cup of wine.
We still "sing for our supper." 
Food has just simply gotten more expensive!

Neat huh? If you like that then check out my books:

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