Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Fall part three.

Hi folks : Here's a few things that are coming up :

1 . The Sales and Marketing 101 seminar originally scheduled for October 24, 2012 has been canceled . watch for the new date soon.

2. Bill Heyen: Monday, Nov 5, 7 pm - We could listen to Bill read all day!
 Come and you will get the extra opportunity to hear him talk about his work and his life in B'port.  Liftbridge  Bookstore 45 Main St Brockport, NY, 14420   585-637-2260 www.liftbridgebooks.com

3. Cindy Van Ostrand Blair's book release party Saturday October 27th 2012, 7:00 P.m.-11:00 p.m.
Whispers To My Heart: Emerging From the Depths With God  Book release party at:
Gallery One Fine Arts, 2575 E. Henrietta Road Rochester , NY (Behind Suburban Liquor, next to the old Wegman's/ Beers of the World Plaza.) Be there! 
Whew! a lot less going on this time! Some weeks are just plain busier than others. Here's a short poem for you :

 By " Laughing" Larry Berger

Time is the one thing we're all given
the hours of a day, days in a month,
months in the year and on and on.

Sometimes we forget to take a moment to breathe
and we end up in hospital  wards with tubes coming
 out of us from all directions

We actually wonder how we got there.
and a little coffee break now and again might save your life.

Neat huh? 

If you like this check out Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!) 

Here are the links:

You can get signed copies directly from me  for $15.00 (includes S&H charges)
 Send your check or money order to:

Skysaje Enterprise
50 Amesbury Rd
Rochester, NY 14623 

you can also order unsigned copies "off the shelf" from the publisher at:

From Barnes and Noble at:


or from Amazon.com.   Amazon also has signed copies avalible for $53.65 as well as the "Off the shelf books.  Here's the link:

see you next time! 

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