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The three Reader's:

1. Paul LaChapelle: Experienced in project management, technological strategy, research, design, development and supervising of SAN projects, client/server software projects, networks, electronic systems, and electronic desktop publishing. User of technical and managerial skills to contribute to the success of an organization as an individual contributor, senior administrator, group leader, SAN designer, or project manager. Tax Professional with 35 years experience assisting the public.Specialties: Tax Professional personal, corporate, trusts , estate tax returns Communicator, public speaker and trainer. Knowledgeable in project mgt, Systems and Network Admin. Experienced in team development  mgt. 35 years as a Tax Professional at H&R Block Premium as a Master Tax Advisor.10 years as an instructor at H&R Block Tax School.Enrolled Agent licensed to practice before the IRS to do audit and offers-in-compromise for personal, corporate, partnership, estates and trusts. Negotiated audits saving clients more that $250,000 with the IRS.Enjoy working with people to help them reach their financial goals.Great successes setting up new businesses and watching them grow. Working for H&R Block Premium has been a way for me to do all things for people with tax questions and problems.

2. Dane Kemp: Grew up in between parents who were lost searching for themselves. Bounced back and forth between cities  until my mom had to take a journey that would later be used as my strength and force and would make her a rock for her kids. Graduated by luck, learned a trade, had my prince, and then went in search for myself and God. Got married and later had my princesss, now awaiting my destiny. Also known as a Poet. 

3.Craig Alan Loewen; clergyman and author (writing under the name, Alan Loewen). He is available for speaking engagements and programs.for more visit:
And the events of interest this time are:

1. I've gotten several responses on this telling me what a great magazine it is!  By popular demand it is now being posted!

Call for submissions of short stories of all genres for royalty compensation in digital magazines distributed everywhere. Hello writers Doug Lance, Editor-in-Chief of eFiction Publishing, here to announce that eFiction is going paid! 

Starting with next month's issues, all writers who contribute to magazines produced by eFiction Publishing will be compensated with royalties from individual issue sales starting one month after publication until *the end of time*. The magazines included are: eFiction, eHorror, eSciFi, eFantasy, eRomance, eSteampunk, and eNoir. 
As always, I am open to feedback and for people to participate with the company. Volunteer and internship positions available. Submission Guidelines:* 
Rights :
We want one month exclusivity for your story. So when your story runs in one of the magazines, from when the day the issue comes out for one month it cannot be up anywhere else online. After that one month exclusive period, you can republish the story elsewhere. This means that previously published work (as long as you hold the rights to it) is OK, and after the one month exclusive period, you may publish the work elsewhere. 

Story Selection 
Placement in issues is determined by a peer committee of volunteer writers and readers. Apply to join the committee of submissions readers ( Joining gives you a vote on all stories submitted in the genre(s) of your choice. 

Submissions that are declined are encouraged to be posted in The Workshop for feedback and resubmission. The Workshop is a closed group for eFiction writers (work posted there cannot be accessed by any person or program other than registered eFiction members). It uses Google Docs in combination with a point incentive system to promote high-quality, precise feedback. Apply to join The Workshop ( 

Writers who contribute a piece of writing are entitled to a lifetime royalty on individual issues sales. The participating writers for each issue split 50% of individual issue sales revenue. So from a month from the day the story is released, until the end of time, our system will track sales of issues your stories are in and have an account for you which will pay out automatically as soon as the total amount is enough to make sense to send your way. A royalty agreement will be included with acceptance letter. 

The magazines are up for subscription sale through Barnes and Noble( and the eFiction website( B&N is a new placement, so we don't have numbers yet for most magazines. eFiction Magazine has a few hundred subscribers there already. eFiction Magazine( alone is available for subscription sale through Amazon. The majority of our subscribers get us through Amazon. I am under an NDA to not disclose numbers but I can say that we are above 1000 and below 5000 subscribers. We are working hard to expand distribution of subscription options. 

Individual issues, the sales that generate cash for writers, are sold **everywhere** ebooks are sold. eFiction Magazine, the most literary of the bunch, is in the Top 5 Best Rated Arts &; Entertainment magazine in the Kindle store. Sales data of these issues is available upon request( We are releasing print versions later this year that will be in bookstores worldwide. 

*View submission manager to submit:* 

2.  Check it out!

3. North East College Prep High School Arts & Craft Fair 940 Fernwood Park Rochester, NY 14609
Raffles for $1, Over  40 + local  Arts and Crafts vendors Including Kim Pandina of Pandawear Jewels. (  Free Admission ! Go check it out! Then motor on down to Henrietta for my  Multi-Million Dollar Poetry Industry Seminar And Special ESP Reading events.  They start at  3:00 p.m.!

4. You probably know what coming here don't you?  Here's the first one: Event #1:  The Multi-Million Dollar Poetry Industry: 

This is an overview of the American Literary Scene  covering the 7 markets in which you can Make a living form the $7.3 Billion ( Yes, I said Billion with a B!) poetry industry.( Note: After 8 years in Rochester, NY working to help writers in all genres make a living at what they do, the seminar presenter, Mr. Lawrence R. Berger has concluded that the markets for novelists, journalist,  screenwriters, technical writers and any other genre you want are EXACTLY  the same as they are for poets. As a poet and self –help writer himself Mr. Berger has chosen to base the information on the Poetry Genre for two reasons: 1. After working in this area to make a living since 1999 and paying his bills by working in these same 7 markets, . 2. If he added in every other applicable genre he’s afraid he simply could not count high enough to give an accurate dollar value on the size of the market ( By the end of this seminar you’ll see the breakdown of the 7.1 Billion mentioned earlier.) You’ll also learn:
·         The levels of reputation you’ll need to develop to be “successful” in the 7 markets
·         The two “Poetic orientations” (note: Again this also applies to all other genres. All are welcome!)
·         A little bit more about Mr. Berger than you’ll find on this flyer and how he might help you further.
This presentation will be open to the public! All welcome! Costs$25 per attendee.  Time:  3-5 P.M.  Date: Saturday, March 16th 2013 Location: Gallery One Fine Arts, 2575 East Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY 14623(Behind Suburban Liquor, next to the Beers of The World Plaza.)   Special bonus for seminar attendees: All paid attendees will receive a copy of an article by Mr. Berger titled: “ Times are Changing.”  It contains the results on the information he gathered when he was told that there was now a law on the books that would make e-books tax exempt in New York State and the opinions he’s formed as a result of doing the research and writing the article. Some attendees may feel that the information in the article is worth the $25 in and of itself so I’ll let you make the choice. You can either pay the $25 for the article and get the seminar free or you can pay the $25 for the seminar and get the article for free. As long as you attend the event I can assure you Mr. Berger won’t notice the difference! See you there! This event is also open to the public! All are welcome! Make Check or Money Order Payable to Skysaje Enterprise. Unfortunately  Pre- registrations for this event has closed. However, all that really means is that you might not be able to use your credit card to pay the admition fees for the event ! It MIGHT still be possible but I've not yet been able talk to the gallery owner to make arrangements to accept them and I won't be able to do so till I get there on March 16th 2013 at 2:00 p.m to set up for the event. However, If your quite happy to bring the $25 in the form of cash or check please feel free to just show up!  

5. And of course, here is the info on the OTHER event too!:Event 2: a special ESP READING:
In this case, since we’re inviting all writers in all genres to attend this as well, ESP stands for everybody swaps pages. The way it works is this : all attendees who wish to participate put their writings into a pile ( preferable one page each but for time’s sake please no more than 5 8.5 x 11 pages stapled together.)   The pile gets shuffled, and the first reader reads the first page(s) off the top, the next the next work down and so on until we've gone through the entire pile. The only Rule is: you absolutely cannot read your own work!  If by chance your page(s) happen to be up when it’s your turn, place the work on the bottom of the pile and read the next one down.  Mr. Berger last conducted an ESP reading in Rochester, NY in August of 2011 for the Just Poets Organization and even now two years later people who attended that event are still coming up to him and saying  it was the most fun they've ever had at a poetry reading and asking when he plans on doing it again! Some of these poets have been reading professionally for over 30 years and they still say this! Come join us and see what it’s all about! 
Date: Saturday, March 16th 2013 Time: 5:30-7:30 P.M.  Costs $10 Location : Gallery One Fine Arts 2575 East Henrietta Road Rochester , NY 14623 (Behind Suburban Liquor, Next to the Beers of The World Plaza.)  Again Pre registration for this event is closed as well, but if your quite happy to pay the $10 as cash or check feel free to just show up for this event too! SEE YOU THERE! 

6. Dirty Gerund Poetry Show at Ralph's Diner: 148 grove street Worcester , Mass
9:00 p.m.EST"Till we run out of words! " They book features too! visit:

7.  Ygdrasil , A Journal of the Arts. check it out! 

8. Integrating Life Fragments: A Music & Arts Workshop for Adults
Rochester Contemporary School of Music invites you to participate in a facilitated workshop for musicians and artists desiring to push their boundaries and expand their experience by working side by side with the two art forms. Participants will bring and share specific materials and sound fragments with personal meaning from which a new original work will be created in just one day. For Details and Registration
9. A night of dancing and drumming to benefit the bush Mango Drum and Dance Youth project : Saturday March 23, 2013 7:00 P.M. -midnight Haro East Ballroom
155 Chestnut Street, Rochester NY $25 in advance $30 at the door visit for more info. 

10: Circleformance Reading:  Meridian West Art Gallery 1209 Hertel Avenue (near Fairchild)    March 12, 2013, 7 pm  Featured Readers:  Irene Sipos and Kitty Jospe With ten slots available for open readers  $5.00 admission Homemade refreshments available 

Whew! And the hits keep right on coming!  (Actually, I prefer views ! LOL scroll back to the last blog post for an explanation if you don't get the joke! ) See you next time!

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