Wednesday, March 13, 2013

YAY! Part 3

Hi folks: Once again, its time to dance:

1.Lu Highsmith : Rochester, New York, native Lu Highsmith has published essays, news articles,and poems over the past seventeen years. No matter which form she has chosen to exhibit her talents, each has been reflective of her passion for spirituality, sensuality, and social consciousness.In January, 2009 she was featured in Minority Reporter's "Face to the Name". Lu was also featured in the Democrat and Chronicle's "Women to Watch" series To Contact - Lucreations c/o Lu Highsmith 620 Park Ave Suite 380 Roch, NY 
14607 e-mail: 

2. R D Armstrong:Lummox Press was created in 1994 by RD Armstrong.  It began as a DIY / self-publishing imprint for poetry by RD aka Raindog.  Several chapbooks were published and in late 1995 it began publishing the Lummox Journal, a monthly small/underground press lit-arts zine.  Available primarily by subscription, the LJ continued its exploration of the “creative process” until its demise as a print mag in 2006.

During its eleven year existence, this tiny mag with the big name, interviewed poets, musicians and artists (over 100 in all) about how they do what they do. Hundreds of poems were also published in its pages.  Poets like Todd Moore, Lyn Lifshin, Gerald Locklin, Holly Prado, L.A. Bogen, Linda Lerner,the late Scott Wannberg, Philomene Long, John Thomas and RD Armstrong, to name a few, appeared regularly within its pages. It was hailed as one of the best monthly’s in the small press, by both Todd Moore and reviewer John Berbrich.

In 1998, Lummox began publishing the Little Red Book series, and continued into 2011. During that time, 60 titles were published. There may be more LRBs on the horizon, but for now, RD is taking a break from them. Over the years the series included Lyn Lifshin, Todd Moore, Gerald Locklin, Linda Lerner, Normal, the late Scott Wannberg, Philomene Long, John Thomas, Bill Gainer, Todd Cirrilo, Leonard Cirino, Rebecca Morrison, A.D. Winans, B. Z. Niditch, Mark Weber, Bill Shields, Will Taylor, Jr., Hugh Fox, Lawrence Welsh, Alan Catlin, Patricia Wellingham-Jones, Nila NorthSun, Rob Plath and RD Armstrong. A good way to sample nearly all of the LRBs is to buy a copy of The Long Way Home (published on the 10th anniversary of the series).In 2008 the Lummox Press began publishing a series of perfect bound titles, starting with Fire and Rain, Vols. 1 & 2 by RD Armstrong. There are now 27 titles in this series. Most are Trade Paperbacks (6X9)Over the years, RD has come to know hundreds of poets and their fans. He thinks that there is a very strong connection between the struggles of the writers of poetry and the rest of the country (beyond mere lip-service). He sees his job as being two-fold: first, as a poet, his job is "to observe and report" (let the public judge the importance of my observations); and secondly, as a publisher, to give the reading public the best "bang" for their buck. In other words, give them poetry that is thought-provoking, and that is presented in a book that is both striking in appearance and is laid out with care (Lummox gives the author, and their words, the respect they deserve).Together with Chris Yeseta (Layout and Art Director since 1997), RD continues to publish books that are both striking in their looks as well as their content…published because of the merit of the work, not the fame of the author. That’s why there are so many first full-length collections in the CATALOG.

3. Rain (Christi Ausar): Headed back to school to finish my education. By the end of this you will all be calling me Doctor Rain. I will have a degree in Music Therapy which is a vein of psychology.  It is a method of healing using music. How appropriate, right? Live your beliefs! Believe in your dreams. Embrace the Divinity within! We are the stars we are made of.

And things of note:
1. Deirdre Smith is raising funds to produce her new album! She's good! Enough said! Check her out!

2. I'm looking to go on a book tour. visit site for info.

3.        The 2013 San Gabriel Valley Poetry Festival in SGV, CA  produced by  the "Mr. Pasadena" of the So Cal scene: The Soup (Urp!) man, Don Kingfisher Campbell.   You can contact him about booking his other events through the information listed there too. Check it out!

4. The Puritan Magazine The Puritan is an online, quarterly publication based in Toronto, Ontario committed to publishing the best in new fiction, poetry, interviews, and reviews. The Puritan seeks, above all,  pioneering literature. Work featured here may push toward the symbolic frontier, challenging limitations and forging into previously unexplored aesthetic territory. But it may also revisit and revitalize traditional forms. The Puritan embraces work wherever it lands on the conceptual spectrum, so long as it is original, intelligent, and engaging. Submissions should fall under one of five (5) categories: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, interviews, and reviews. Unless we are soliciting your work, all submissions must be previously unpublished (this includes self-publishing). Only e-mail submissions are accepted (save those trees for maypoles). Send all questions and messages to  use the submission manager to submit work for consideration.

5.  A publication in the United Kingdom that takes poetry and business articles. (Note to UK poet Spencer Slater: This one is for you!  And of course anyone else reading this blog too!)

6. Our most frequent guest poet Ilana Haley has graced this blog with another piece and I'm very glad she has! Do you want to join her as a guest poet on this blog? The only "Requirement" for doing so is that YOU feel you can match her! You saw her poem ! There are more on this blog. Feel free to scroll through the post and look at as many as You need to feel you’re at least as good as she is. If you can honestly answer yes, let me know and I'll send you an invitation link just the same as I did Ilana and you'll have the chance to PROVE IT with what ever one of you poems you may chose to post. The exceptions are those READERS on this blog who I've listed or may yet list I identified as Poets. ( Spencer, Allan, Poetri, Jimbo, Deirdre and Don, If you wondering the answers yes I DO MEAN YOU!  Let me know you’re interested and I'll hook you up! )

7. However, because of Ilana's beautiful poem being posted , some of last week’s events may have gotten missed and a few of them are my own events. With that in mind heres the first re-post this blog has ever had:

Event #1:  The Multi-Million Dollar Poetry Industry: 

This is an overview of the American Literary Scene  covering the 7 markets in which you can make a living form the $7.3 Billion ( Yes, I said Billion with a B!) poetry industry.( Note: After 8 years in Rochester, NY working to help writers in all genres make a living at what they do, the seminar presenter, Mr. Lawrence R. Berger has concluded that the markets for novelists, journalist,  screenwriters, technical writers and any other genre you want are EXACTLY  the same as they are for poets. As a poet and self –help writer himself Mr. Berger has chosen to base the information on the Poetry Genre for two reasons: 1. After working in this area to make a living since 1999 and paying his bills by working in these same 7 markets, . 2. If he added in every other applicable genre he’s afraid he simply could not count high enough to give an accurate dollar value on the size of the market ( By the end of this seminar you’ll see the breakdown of the 7.1 Billion mentioned earlier.) You’ll also learn:

·         The levels of reputation you’ll need to develop to be “successful” in the 7 markets
·         The two “Poetic orientations” (note: Again this also applies to all other genres. All are welcome!)
·         A little bit more about Mr. Berger than you’ll find on this flyer and how he might help you further.
This presentation will be open to the public! All welcome! Costs $25 per attendee.  Time:  3-5 P.M.  Date: Saturday, March 16th 2013 Location: Gallery One Fine Arts, 2575 East Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY 14623(Behind Suburban Liquor, next to the Beers of The World Plaza.)   Special bonus for seminar attendees: All paid attendees will receive a copy of an article by Mr. Berger titled: “ Times are Changing.”  It contains the results on the information he gathered when he was told that there was now a law on the books that would make e-books tax exempt in New York State and the opinions he’s formed as a result of doing the research and writing the article. Some attendees may feel that the information in the article is worth the $25 in and of itself so I’ll let you make the choice. You can either pay the $25 for the article and get the seminar free or you can pay the $25 for the seminar and get the article for free. As long as you attend the event I can assure you Mr. Berger won’t notice the difference! See you there! This event is also open to the public! All are welcome! Make Check or Money Order Payable to Skysaje Enterprise. Unfortunately  Pre- registrations for this event has closed. However, all that really means is that you might not be able to use your credit card to pay the admission fees for the event !  I've just talked to the  to the gallery owner to make arrangements and he in fact  HAS AGREED CREDIT TO RUN CARDS THROUGH THE GALLERY! However, If your quite happy to bring the $25 in the form of cash or check please feel free to just show up! 

And of course, here is the info on the OTHER event too! Event 2: a special ESP READING:
In this case, since we’re inviting all writers in all genres to attend this as well, ESP stands for everybody swaps pages. The way it works is this : all attendees who wish to participate put their writings into a pile ( preferable one page each but for time’s sake please no more than 5 8.5 x 11 pages stapled together.)   The pile gets shuffled, and the first reader reads the first page(s) off the top, the next the next work down and so on until we've gone through the entire pile. The only Rule is: you absolutely cannot read your own work!  If by chance your page(s) happen to be up when it’s your turn, place the work on the bottom of the pile and read the next one down.  Mr. Berger last conducted an ESP reading in Rochester, NY in August of 2011 for the Just Poets Organization and even now two years later people who attended that event are still coming up to him and saying  it was the most fun they've ever had at a poetry reading and asking when he plans on doing it again! Some of these poets have been reading professionally for over 30 years and they still say this! Come join us and see what it’s all about! 

Date: Saturday, March 16th 2013 Time: 5:30-7:30 P.M.  Costs $10 Location : Gallery One Fine Arts 2575 East Henrietta Road Rochester , NY 14623 (Behind Suburban Liquor, Next to the Beers of The World Plaza.)  Again Pre- registration for this event is closed as well, but if your quite happy to pay the $10 as cash or check feel free to just show up for this event too! SEE YOU THERE! 

( Special note to Ilana Haley: PLEASE DON'T THINK FOR A SECOND THAT I'll EVER WANT YOU TO STOP POSTING YOUR POEMS ON THIS BLOG!   I'm happy to have your new work up here whenever you might want to post it  and that won't change a bit as long as I'm alive and sufficiently  well enough to keep this blog running!  As long as you'd still be willing to do so PLEASE POST A POEM WHENEVER YOU CAN! ) 

8. Moby's Coffee and Tea: 5668 Cahuenga Blvd. NO HO, CA 91601. Host James Gautier is excited to announce Urban Voodoo and a Killer Open Mic ! This event is Free! Come down and check it out! 

9. :  I've posted the link before, They do have a call out for new poets and comedians. So I'm reposing the information in the bio for my friend, Poetri Smith, who produces the show with his wife Juren ( I'm not entirely sure if she's a poet or comic too or not.) Poetri Smith: Spoken Funk is an upbeat, uplifting, breath of comedic and poetic fresh air. The brainchild of Juren Smith and Tony Award winning poet, Poetri, Spoken Funk fuses today’s funniest comedians with the world’s most talented spoken word poets. The groundbreaking combination of comedy and poetry have never acquiesced with such success, and the fusion of genres provides each and every guests with gut busting laughter and insightful thought provoking commentary on today’s most intricate topics. Constantly looking and booking the best in poetry & comedy. Feel free to contact us. Booking and information line: (866) 212-3676. Just in case your wondering I don't think this violates any of my policies in the matter. This is clearly NOT a second listing of Poetri as a reader of this blog but as the host producer of the Spoken Funk series.  I USED THE SAME INFO FOR BOTH!  However, I did get asked this and I'm totally stunned that anyone wouldn't get the reasons I  might post something from California rather then just my local area . First of all I'm sorry but I just can't understand why anyone would ask me such a question! For the record, as you can see from this post I not only have contacts in California in addition to my local area , but literally all over the world!   Poetri's an old and dear friend and while I have not yet physically even been in the same states as Juren, that could easily change and soon! They're looking for poets and comics from all over the world to put in their show so why shouldn't the readers of this blog have the chance to BE those poets and comics in the showcase?    You now have their contact booking phone number and a link to the web site so you can check out the event! If you’re interested you now have the info to get in touch So don't be coming to me saying I never told you about it! MY JOB IS TO GET YOU THE INFO! IT IS YOUR JOB TO CHOOSE WHETHER OR NOT TO ACT ON THAT INFORMATION AND MAKE USE OF IT!  Clearly I'VE DONE MY JOB! HAVE YOU DONE YOURS? 

10.   The Jimmie Highsmith experience Live at the Tala Vera: March 20th, 2013 8-10:30 p.m. click the link for ticket info: 

Whew! Again, lots of stuff happening!    I made a promise that I would include an updated book list every three posts if at all possible and this is the third post this time thanks to Ilana Haley's beautiful poem (re-read #6 for more!)  So here's the updated book lists:

Instant Poetry ( Just Add Words!) $15.00 per signed copy
Entitlement: Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!) Volume 2. $20 each $26 each for signed copies.
The Green Lantern : a Guide to Achieving the American Dream . Volume two, How to Survive in a Modern Economy ( Even On a Poets Income!) $20 per copy each $26 per signed copy.
Working Title: $5 per copy $10 per signed copy
Dragons Dance Volume One, spoken word CD $10 each
Chocolate box: $10 per copy $15 per signed copy
Cash Check or Money Order gratefully accepted!
To use your credit card visit  or send the funds to me at
 To mail your check send to:
Skysaje Enterprise: 50 Amesbury, Road Rochester, NY 14623 USA
The Green Lantern: a Guide to Achieving the American Dream. Volume 2, How to Survive in a Modern Economy (Even on a Poets Income! )ISBN# 0967374138 is now available from! Here's the link:
check it out! It is also available at the following stores:
Lift Bridge Books            Books ECT.                   
45 Main Street       78 State Highway 31 
Brockport, NY           Macedon, NY 14502
585-637-2260        585-474-4116                 
Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!)  ISBN: 1450255523 is also available on! Here’s the Link:

Barnes and Noble .com:
and as of December 7,2012 the flowing Barnes and Noble Brick and Mortar location:
Barnes and Noble/RIT Bookstore:
100 Park Point Blvd
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 424-6766 and can be ordered at all other Barnes and Noble Stores and through pretty much any other booksellers around the globe.

 The Meridian West Art Gallery 
1209 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, NY 
For more information, call 768-3805

See you next time!                             

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