Monday, June 3, 2013

They're back!

We've begun working on bring back " Laughing" Larry's ha-ha date tours and the Goldminds showcase projects as part of our expansion plans.  We're in the processes of making these happen. In the mean time we are now beginning to take orders for tour related merchandise as well as offering sponsorship opportunities with it to fund the projects. Here's the merchendise we have coming out for sure:

Laughing Larry’s Ha-ha Day tour merchandise.   “Chute the poet! Ship the product!”
 We would like to thank Mr. Dave Braverman of Braverman Consulting for coming up with our tour slogan. It is based on the journalistic expression “Put the paper to bed and chute it to the newsies!” Meaning that the edition had been completed and was now ready to be made available for sale. This is a poetic version and that is what we’re all about!  So here’s a list of the merchandising created to help fund this tour, future ones and other projects. 8x10’s of “Laughing” Larry Berger, autographed and personalized as collectibles currently in the three styles  $15 each, tour buttons:  “Chute the poet! Ship the product!”  $2.50 each  The official: The rebirth of “Laughing” Larry’s ha-ha Date tours t-shits:  S.M,L, XL  $12 each, add $10 per shirt for sizes 2 XL and up! Additional merchandise which may become available: coffee mugs, bumper stickers, tote bags, collectable bookmarks etc. There are of course sponsorship positions and buy- in rates for other poets to join these tours. Please contact our offices to inquire.  Here are the Readers for this time:

1. Lee Mavin: check him out! He's  a great guy! View his link and you just might think so too. :

2.  Patrica Bowser: Poet Laureate of Fluff and Mush Nerotica, artist, photographer and fantastic person Get in touch with her at :

 And now on to the stuff! .

Hi folks:  I told the story of how Pablo Picasso was in a tavern one day and someone came up to him and said " Hey aren't you Pablo Picasso? Could you draw  a picture for me?" So Picasso took out a pencil and did a rough sketch on a cocktail napkin.  He handed it to the person. They said, hey it looks great!  How much do I owe you?"  Picasso replied " $10,000."  The guy said " Whoa, that only took you ten seconds, why so much?"
Picasso  replied " You are not paying for the five seconds it took me to do the picture. You are paying for all the YEARS  it took me to become Pablo Picasso and have that of sufficient value to have you approach me in the first place."  This story drew a response I'd never figured on.  Someone said " Yes but you have to be on a level like Pablo Picasso  to get away with it.  Of all the millions of folks in Rochester there are maybe 14,000."  So I'm starting what's tentatively being called "Picasso's Kids Workshops" to increase those numbers. 

They will be held from 10Am -11Am on the following Fridays : June 7th 2013, June 14th 2013, June 21st 2013 and June 28th, 2013. These will take place at the Brugger's Bagels shop on the corner of Monroe and Goodman streets in Rochester NY. The venue did have two requests: 1 that you park in the Al's bar lot rather than the Buggers lot. I've been told this is because they have actually had complaints that the lot was full and customer thought they were too busy. So please park in the lot next door okay? 2. All attendees buy something off the menu. So come hungry! This event is funded through "Free will offerings to invest in your future!" Suggested Donation$ are $3 but please give what you can!  See you Friday! 2949 Monroe Avenue Brighton, New York 14618 (585) 697-0158 The 20th Anniversary reading of the Pure Kona poetry series in Roch, NY  The Valley Contemporary  Poetry series presents" Mister electricity" JIM BOLT Don't miss this one if you can ,GO! Wheeler Hill gathering in upstate NY.  Check it out!

See you next time! 

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