Monday, July 22, 2013

Hi folks:  I decided to leave Ilana's poem up while I got caught up on a few things. Isn't she talented?

so I guess we're done with the  "readers" Listings. apparently there have been enough for folks to get the idea. and you seem to like the poems  so let me know if you want to join Ilana and be a guest poet for this blog too.   Here's a newish poem of my own for you this time:

Evidently you like the poems.:
by " Laughing" Larry Berger
Big surprise to me!
who would have thought that
words could paint a vista that
would touch the heart?

People will read diferent things into 
this based on their own interpretations.
 That's okay! 
A poem is a shared experiance between the the poet
and the reader together. 
so now
 that having been said:
Tag. Your it! 

and here's a few upcoming events:

1.   reading at liftbrige books.check it out


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