Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wow! You really DO Like the Poems huh?

Hi folks:  Well it's that time again! Here's an older poem that was actually published in my book  Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!) you can get the collection on amazon.com,Barnes and Noble.com
from the publisher at: http:www.Iuniverse.com  or signed from me for $15 a pop. for more info  visit my website at :http://www.skysajeenterprise.com   Okay, so here's the poem already:

by " Laughing" Larry Berger

We all wear them.
we are father, mother, daughter, brother, worker son.
but who cries for the children that are born millionaires?
and why do we go out and kill them? 

(c) 1999 " Laughing" Larry Berger

Sorry to go deep on you but, some folks like it when poems do that don't they?

Here's a little bit on whats happening:

1. http://www.liftbridgebooks.com/event/so-you-want-get-print  My workshop on 9/14/13 be there if you can! 

2. https://www.facebook.com/events/144311665777279/ Poetrypaloza. check it out! 


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