Thursday, August 1, 2013

YAY! Here's another one!

Let's switch it up a little okay? This time events first!

1. nugh said!


Read the article. you'll understand!

3. My birthday party at the Tango cafe in Rochester,NY Leave a comment if you want to come and share during the celebration.

Okay, now that the hard stuff is out of the way, here's another original poem by Yours Truly. ( AKA: Me  of course! Nobody else is leaving comments to become a guest poet. Next time, your turn!  )

Gia is a Phat Lady
By" Laughing" Larry Berger

The earth sings for her children
she helps them live forever.

Man is the ultimate trickster
he sinks poison into his mother
he slowly tries to kill her 
with every breath he takes

The earth still sings
she knows he will only destroy himself
she may change 
she may hurt 
but she will still be singing
 long after he has vanished

They say " It aint over till the fat lady sings!"
I wonder who said that first
and what ever made them foolish enough to think
that the Human Race  could ever have possibly
survived  long enough for that to get anywhere
even close to happening?

Go fig?

(c) 7/31/13 " Laughing" Larry Berger

Neat huh?

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PS: Last time I asked what you might think if I started an advice blog. I sent the request to over 400 people on my lists. So far I've heard back from 8. What's up with that?  I REALLY want to know what you think of the idea so send me a message and let me know, okay?   Thanks!

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