Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Born on the fourth of July Part 1

Hi folks : What a week! We've got a family reunion  coming up this weekend so lets get right to it, shall we?

1. Tue, Jul 12: Poet Bernie Quetchenbach (Montana State U, Billings teacher/poet and former Brockport resident) featuring at the Free Speech Zone Series @ Tango Cafe, 8 pm. 389 Greggory st. Rochester NY.

2. Sun. July 24: Rochester Poets July Reading. Featured reader, California poet (and Spencerport native) G. Murray Thomas, 2 pm, Skalny Welcome Center Art Gallery. St. John Fisher College 3690 East Ave in Rochester, NY. send email to: for directions and details

3.Saturday, July 9 · 10:00am - 5:00pm  Location 285 Clarissa St , Rochester,NY Created By Flying Squirrel Community Space CALLING ALL ARTISTS! July 9th 10am-5pm On behalf of the Flying Squirrel Community Space, Dawn Zuppelli and I are hosting the Flying Squirrel Arts Festival! We are looking for arts and crafts vendors willing to participate by selling artwork or other creative creations.
We will charge vendors a minimum fee of $25 for an all day table—free parking. There will be a $1-3 donation door charge for those coming into the Flying Squirrel Arts Festival from outside. Vendors will set up tables inside the Flying Squirrel and we will have limited table space for 2-3 vendors outside.

We want to bring greater visibility to our community space and local artists. We are also raising funds to cover the costs of operating this grass roots space funded and supported by the community. The event will be held on the first day of the Corn Hill Arts Festival on July 9th from 10am until 5pm. If you are interested in participating, contact Dawn Zuppelli at or Shermeeka Mason at More

4.   The new link for the  INSTANT POETRY (JUST ADD WORDS!)  collection. The book just went Live on the NOOK format last week on June 20th 2011. I had a lot to share in last weeks post so I didn't get the chance to mention it .
Well that's it for this week's events except for the fact that the 2nd "Shryb Tribe" family reunion is scheduled for this upcoming weekend . over 350 of my mother's "relatives" are coming Including me . she's all excited but I'm a little nervous . I'll let you all know how it went in next weeks post. Here's this weeks poem.

be careful what you wish for , you just might get it!
By Lawrerce R. Berger
Hayrides are fun if shared
and so are a lot of other things
but getting a root canal doesn't
seem to be one of them.
Life gives us joy and sorrow
and helps us make it through
and if we're really lucky
it will give us people to share the journey with
thank you for sharing mine.

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