Saturday, December 22, 2012

We're getting into the ha-ha day home stretch!

While the ha-ha days technically run from Labor Day through St. Patrick's Day of the following year, most folks just cut them off and start fresh on January 2nd. Here's a few events coming up to supplement any family plans you might have:

1. Whispers to My Heart :Emerging from the Depths with God by Cindy Blair has finally been released by the publisher and is now available for purchase! YAY! $10 PER COPY   http://www. and type in the title for ordering info.

2. Flowetic Rythums. Featuring : "Laughing" Larry Berger December 27th 2012
  • ..singers, poets, spoken artists, musicians, rappers,dancers, hip-hop artists and everyone in come out and express yourselves.....Flowetically-speaking!If you think you've got some Flowetic Rhythm in you bursting to break free....this night is especially for you! With DGood flowing in rhythm on bass! $5 Cover. For More information, contact David, 230-1081 or Lu, 953-0741 Experience FLOWETIC RHYTHMS At Gallery One Fine Arts .
    A clean, safe, family-friendly environment...a place where parents, children and grandchildren can come express themselves and join in on the FLOWETIC RHYTHM.NEW LOCATION AT 2575 E. HENRIETTA RD (behind Gallery of Coins and Suburban Liquor) Additional parking available in the Beers of the World Plaza Lot next door. 

For those of you not familiar with " Laughing" Larry Berger,here's his short bio: I started reading my poetry in 1996 when a literary agent I was working for suggested I go to a reading at the Midnight Special Book store in Santa Monica ,CA. I went and was hooked. I've been reading ever since. In December of 1996 I was helping my mentor S.A. Griffin set up a stage for the Downtown LA Arts and entertainment district of the DADA festival and he told me the following," You'll either develop balls of steal or be too chicken shit to share what you can Really do. If you got the balls I'll back you to the hilt! If your chicken shit just leave now and don't ever come back! Decide and make it quick cause your up next! I created what I now call the Instant Poetry(Just Add Words! ) technique , got a standing ovation from all 5,000 people in the audience and SA. I was on my way! Over the next three years I went to every single reading in the Greater Los Angles Area at least once and was given my poetry name. On September 12, 1999 I was scheduled to do a featured reading at a venue called LA The Bookstore. 500 people showed up and they were all the players on the scene. RD Armstrong told me " Larry, there won't be an open mic tonight. We're here to see you!"  I did the set and got a dollar from everybody so my first booking netted me $500.00. Since I've done festivals like the LA Spoken, The Sacramento Heritage Festival, The Java City Marathon, ARTWALK Alive, Art At the Armory, The Denver Poetry Rodeo and more. I've been a " Professional Poet " since 1999 and I average $30,000 to $50,000 from my words . I now also teach workshops ans classes in the Instant Poetry( Just Add Words ! ) form and have produced the following products: Instant poetry (Just Add Words!):
 Now in its third edition. This was my first poetry collection with works written between March and October of 1996.
The Green Lantern: a Guide for Achieving the American Dream : my first self help book 1,200 copies were printed and they've all sold out.
 Working Title: an anthology based on a contest I ran a few years back. 50 copies were printed. This book features work bu Arthur "Old Gold " Oesty and Yvonne Powel- Banes and was edited by Frank Judge.
 Dragon's Dance :Volume One. My spoken word CD .
Just recently I've released : Entitlement: Instant Poetry ( Just Add Words!) Volume 2 : Another compilation of my poems created using the Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!) format and includes work written from 2006 when I moved back to Rochester, NY through September of 2012 when I finished the book. 

And finally , The Green Lantern: a Guide for Achieving the American Dream Volume 2 How to Survive in a Modern Economy (Even on a Poets Income!): a modernized version of the self help book.

 See you at Flowetic Rythums on the 27th! 

3. Liftbridge books is starting an open mic program: the 2nd Monday of the month beginning  January 14th,2013. 
6:30-8:00 p.m. all genre's welcome! (history, politics, romance, philosophy,self-help , poetry and whatever else you can think of!
3-5 minutes each.  Come one come all! Listeners are welcome too! Liftbridge Books is located at 45 main street in
 Brockport, NY for directions and further info call 585-734-2671

5. This is a quick note to let you know that Donna Marbach"s small press Palettes & Quills is currently seeking cover art for a soon-to-be published poetry chapbook. We are paying $50.00 plus 5 copies of the chapbook for the reproduction rights of a painting, drawing, or photograph in conjunction with publication of this book. The selected artist will also be credited in the book and in publicity for the book. If you're interested, send me a note and I'll send you all the details. dmmarbach@gmail.comPalettes & Quills          
330 Knickerbocker Avenue Rochester, NY 14615  Phone 585-458-0217

Whew! Still a lot going on ! You can come to he reading  at Gallery One Fine Arts (2575 East Henrietta Road. Rochester,NY 14623.( behind Suburban Liquor and next to the Beers of the World Plaza) on   December, 27th 2012, visit my website at:  
Send me an e-mail at  or write a letter to my office at : Skysaje Enterprise  50 Amesbury Rd. Rochester, NY 14623  to arrange bookings or purchase any of the books listed in the bio. You can also call me at 585-334-6388  go ahead! It's alright . I've got a machine to take the calls when I'm out and about. If you'e answered mechanically instead of buy a human just leave me a message on how to contact you . I usually return my messages within 48 hours so you should have no problems!

See you next time!   

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