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New year, New start, New Format

Hi folks : as I told you last week the ha-ha days actually run through St Patrick's day on March 17th.. Two weeks later is April which is national poetry month in the USA so we've got a lot of stuff coming up and a long way to go yet. However, this is the post that will be viewed through January 1,2013. This blog has been running for a while now and has already gotten over 10,000 hits! Thank you all so much for the support! Since I started this blog I've been basically running it as an events calendar with a few of my poems and the occasional guest poet. Since as I just mentioned the blog recently reached over 10,000 hits, you might be wondering " Just who the heck is it that is reading this blog?" I have to admit the thought has crossed my mind too since VERY FEW PEOPLE HAVE EVER LEFT COMMENTS IDENTIFYING THEMSELVES! If you look at the blog post , you can see that it has 63 registered followers. However, 63 is far less then 10,000.  So , In 2013 I plan to include three people per post who have been with me for a while and are willing to give out their contact info to the viewers of this blog in addition to the event and publication notices. Sound good? Cool. Here are the first three for 2013:

1. Mitch Smith: 2424 N. Federal Highway, Suite 318  Boca Raton, Florida 33431 (305) 479-6732  Email Mitch Smith represents nothing but the highest degree of Integrity, Honesty, and Loyalty. Mitch is a licensed full time Florida Realtor living in Boynton Beach. He has 20 years of sales experience and is ready to cater to all of your real estate needs: Sales, Rentals, Short Sales. He will work with both buyers and sellers. Mitch is a Dynamic, results-oriented Sales and Business Development professional. His areas of strength encompass New Business Development; Expanding Market Share; Marketing/Growth Initiatives; Client Relationship Management; and Providing Total Quality Customer Service. He has Excellent organizational, planning and time management abilities. He is self-directed with the ability to effectively prioritize work, ensure high productivity levels and contribute to a multi-team environment.  Mitch’s life outside of real estate includes a wife and 3 kids. The family likes to spend their time attending kid friendly community events, movies, shows, Starbucks, frozen yogurt and many other activities. All of the activities revolve around family. Mitch is an avid sports fan. His interests include photography, sports memorabilia, traveling, attending sports events and concerts, and much more. Mitch’s balanced lifestyle will result in long-term real estate client relationships and keeping his clients happy.

2. Kim Pandina: World class artist and Jeweler offering Tiffany's quality at Macy's prices. She is also a world class book keeper who specializes in helping her clients develop and use their in- house accounting systems and can jump into a broken office system and fix it by using her vast knowledge to her clients advantage . She won't do your taxes but she will help you straighten out your records so they can be done easily and for a LOT Less than the $500 an hour that the folks at The big national tax firms would charge. Visit her web site  at  WWW.PANDAJEWELS.COM  or WWW.PANDAWEAR.NET

3. Dave Braverman: Business Development Executive uses the Science of Critical Thinking to focus your efforts in Marketing, Sales and Branding.  Rochester, New York Dave has been instrumental in helping me focus my marketing materials by word-crafting my message and adding graphics that strategically highlights my value proposition to my future clients. My message is now crystal clear and laser focused.  I'm good but Dave has helped make me look better than I ever thought possible. Let him do the same for your business! Contact him 

These are the three this time . more in the next post. On to the events:

1. Spoken Funk at the Ha-Ha cafe:  January 6th ,2013:Spoken Funk is an upbeat, uplifting, breath of comedic and poetic fresh air.  It fuses today’s funniest comedians with the world’s most talented spoken word poets. The groundbreaking combination of comedy and poetry have never acquiesced with such success, and the fusion of genres provides each and every guest with gut busting laughter and insightful thought provoking commentary on today’s most intricate topics. More than a show, Spoken Funk is a full professional production.  The experience, known as Spoken Funk, consists of two dynamic
poets, two hilarious comics, a DJ, and a host of games and prizes.  Aside from the expected joy and laughter from watching the  performers, the audience actually becomes a part of the show.  The night is full of non-stop activities and interaction that adds a unique twist to the already FAMILY FRIENDLY fun.
The art of Spoken Word is making it’s way through the mainstream and Spoken Funk is leading the way.  Its resident host and co-founder is Tony Award Winner, Poetri, who was recently a personal guest of President Obama at The White House’s first ever Spoken Word event.    His talents have been seen worldwide on Oprah, and numerous television shows and movies.  He was recently the Special Guest Entertainer at Saddle back Church’s Annual Christian Retreat.  As an actor and writer of over 200 commercials for NIKE,GATORADE, NBA, and more, Poetri has proven over and over that there is a strong desire for the ministry that God has called him to.  From BROADWAY to BOARDROOM, PENN STATE to the STATE PENN, Poetri is heavily requested.  Proof that clean enjoyment is universal. As a highly attended and sponsored event by STEVIE WONDER, Spoken Funk remained a Hollywood staple and Nation wide phenom for over six years.  Our shows have been blessed with AMAZING talents including ANJELAH JOHNSON, RODNEY PERRY, MALCOLM JAMAL WARNER, SAUL WILLIAMS, and more.Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 7:00 PM (PST) North Hollywood, CA at : The HaHa Cafe5010 Lankershim Boulevard  North Hollywood, CA 91601
2. THE GALLERY AT THE ARTS &; CULTURAL COUNCIL: January 4–25  Cultural Council for Greater Rochester 277 N. Goodman Street Rochester, NY 14607 (585) 473-4000   Four Artists Hanlon - Kettavong - Packard - Sellers

3. Sunday, January 27, at 4 PM, Donna M. Marbach invites you to join her and store owner John Cieslinski at Books Etc., 78 W. Main Street, Macedon, NY( Phone: 585-474-4116) where the pair of poets will read and share thoughts about their work. Attendees are encouraged to join in the discussion. The event is friendly, free and held in a homey, intimate setting surrounded by books and art work. Come spend time enjoying poetry.

4. The Rochester NY Mental Health Association presents: New Year , New Start! Ways to balance Body Mind and Spirit. January 18,2013  12:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m. .ant the associations offices : 320 N. Goodman St. Rochester, NY call 325-3145 x 100 for registration information and additional details.

5. The Preacher's Platform: 1St Zion Tabernacle,371 Lake Ave Rochester,NY 14613 for details Contact : Elder Desjamebra "Tweedy" Robinson (585) 966.9112 or

Please feel free to forward this blog post to anyone whom you think might find it of interest!

Once again for the new year , here are a few of my books:

1. Instant Poetry (just add words!) : now In its third edition.  This is my first full length poetry collection available to the masses. There are copies available at the RIT -Barnes and Noble bookstore at 100 Park Point Drive in Rochester NY. Call 585-424-6766. You can also get copies from Amazon .com , Barnes and or your local book seller. However , Signed copies can only come through me and they are $15 each.

2. The Green Lantern : A guide for Achieving the American Dream volume2, How to Survive in a Modern Economy ( Even on a Poets Income! ) The revised and updated version of my sel;f help book. Currently in "signature edition" and only available through me . $20 each $25 signed

3,. Entitlement: Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!) volume 2 : The second book using the Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!) format 80 pages of my new poetry. $20 each $25 signed.

To order your books send your check or money order to:
Skysaje Enterprize
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Rochester, NY 14623

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