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On to more in 2013!

Judging by the number of hits last weeks post received, I'm thinking your enjoying the new format! Thanks for the feedback and keep reading these blogs!  This week we have three new people, a few events and info on my stuff too. I posted a brief bio on myself as a poet in December of 2012 as part of the promotion I was doing for a reading I was giving at the Flowetic Rhytms series . If you want to check it out the post was titled "we're getting into the Ha-ha Date home stretch." If you'l like to check it out just scroll, down through these posts till you find the one with that title. I'll get into more about me later. For this post here are the three people:

1.Cindy Blair: Cindy Blair was raised in the Christian faith with a love of verse from the Bible. Her poems have been published in several anthologies and online. "Whispers to My Heart: Emerging from the Depths with God" is her first solo collection of poems. She earned her Bachelor Degree in English/Creative Writing at SUNY Brockport in 2011.

2. "Fantastic" Frank Johnson: Radio talk show host , Motivational Speaker and author of "From Flawed to Fantastic! How I turned my disability into an A$$et. " Frank  graduated from Clarkson College in 1971 with a BS in Chemical Engineering with a GPA of 3.89 or so. Frank doesn't remember exactly, but Frank was 10th in his graduating class out of about 2,000,
Then Frank went to work for Eastman Kodak Company but that he had always had an entrepreneurial streak in him. Frank started the Fantasy Mail Company which was one of the first mail order subscription comic book companies in the world in 1976 and ran it while still being  employed full time at Eastman Kodak Company until 1979 when he had sold it  to go into another business.  He got trapped in a fire and became disabled. Along the way he got divorced, and became lost with his Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) for about 20 years or so then he heard about a man named Anthony Robbins and he said yes to going to his events. In December 2002 he got his chance to be on stage with Anthony Robbins. That is where he got his idea for his comic book and that unbeknownst to him there was his future business partner in a leadership role. There; GOD is GREAT Isn't he?At the event I had  heard Anthony speak about a similar event, where a man named Jeff Hart got the idea for the screen play Sleepless In Seattle, and wrote it and sold it for $250,000.00 And he, in his ignorance said how hard could that be not realizing that Mr. Hart had been in the movie industry for about forever and had only to go up to his boss @ Sony studios and pitch him the idea. But that he had this idea to make a comic book, and then make it into a movie that will be bigger than Star Wars and Harry Potter combined. He took ACTION. He hired a writer to write the THE YOUNG EXPLORERS comic book.His MISSION IS TO MENTOR PEOPLE. He wanted to show you that no matter where you are in your life, anything is possible. It does not matter how much money or (little that you may have) it does not matter what your disability is unless you can’t form a focus and have a persistence of your mission. Then there are of course more steps to be taken each day but it starts out with a definite purpose and a burning desire to go forward no matter how hard it may seem at the time.Contact: Copyright © 2013 I Am Fantastik Frank Disclaimer: The content of this website is not intended to be a substitute for therapy or professional advice. While all attempts have been made to verify information provided on this website, the author does not assume any responsibility for errors, or omissions. There is no guarantee of validity of accuracy of any  content. Any perceived slight of specific people or organizations is unintentional. This website, and their creators are not responsible for the content of any sites linked to.

3. " Mister Electricity" Jim Bolt:Jim Bolt is a performance-poet... with the emphasis on performance. His work is a powerful in-the-moment fusion of spoken-word, theatre and dynamic motion. As one of the pioneers of true performance-poetry, Jim has been featured on MTV, performed at the Lollapalooza rock festival, slammed at the National Poetry Slam and continues to electrify audiences around the world. I'm very proud to count Jim as my mentor and friend and VERY happily surprised that he still takes enough interest in me to continue to read this blog!  Jim Bolt is available for live performances at colleges, schools, civic events, night clubs, rock clubs, poetry readings and private events. Please contact his representatives to discuss your event.Pacific Talent  Models, Inc.
Raleigh Studios 1600 Rosecrans Ave., Media Center, 4th Floor Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

 some events:

1. Poeticdiversity: the litzine of Los Angeles
Call for Submissions for April 2013 Online Issue NATIONAL POETRY MONTH poeticdiveristy: the litzine of Los Angeles, is currently seeking submissions of poetry, prose, reviews, interviews, and artwork for the April 2013 online issue – in time for National Poetry Month. NOW is the time to make your mark.:)

Deadline: Feb. 15, 2013 Submission Rules

Poems 1) Three poems (no more/no less), not to exceed 150 lines.2) And, a bio (150 words max)
3) One previously published poem per submission will be considered, provided you include the name and publication date, so we can give attribution.

Prose 1) Two prose pieces (2,000 words max)2) And, a bio (150 words max)
3) One previously published prose piece per submission will be considered, provided you include the name and publication date, so we can give attribution.

Interviews/Reviews/Essays on Writing 1) Reviews (300-1,000 words max on poetry, fiction, memoir, etc.
2) Please don't forget to include at the bottom of the review: title, name of author, publisher and year of publication, isbn, number of pages, cost of book (US dollars)
3) Interviews:  A type interviews preferred  along with a photo of interviewee. Check with publisher for further guidelines/questions (
4) Essays: We LOVE essays. They can be on any topic related to writing/poetry, personal, technical, academic, etc. 2,000 word max, plus bio (150 words max).

1) Artwork, photos, etc, must be submitted as jpegs (5-15 images is acceptable). Images chosen for publication will be featured as artist-in-residence for that particular issue, and those images will accompany the poetry and prose selections for that issue.
Two ways to submit:

1) use the online submission form (note: this is pretty cool!)
2) send work in the body of an email to

2.Roc Royal Entertainment:Our mission is to provide honor to some of Rochester’s greatest talent. We are looking to make this an annual event. So many go on in life without recognition and my company feels we need to provide 
a positive platform to salute others.  Rochester has been through a lot as a community and we want to try and help uplift our community and come together.  .   If you have any questions please email Khadija @ or call (585) 752-4045. 

3. Our next poetry readings will be Sunday, January 13,2013 at 
The Bluebird Reading; and Sunday, January 27,2013 for our La Palabra. Kathy Gallegos Avenue 50 Studio,  at 501(c)(3) non-profit art gallery 131 North Avenue 50 Highland Park, CA 90042 323-258-1435 http://www.avenue50

4. Image City Photography Gallery's Sixth Juried Show "The Magic of Light" runs from January 2-20, 2013. The show includes 83 exhibiting photographers, including ABG members Marcia Birken, Timothy J. Fuss, and Nancy Rice. 722 University Ave. Rochester, NY (585)271-2540

5. check it out!

6. Two topics will be covered:Social Security – how it works; issues it faces; and important information you should know

 Medicare – how it works; the four parts of Medicare; and a review of
important information you should know about each of those four parts.
Presented by:Tracey Aiello – Financial Consultant, Angelo Planning Group, LLC Thursday, January 10th, 2013 from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM Medaille College, Room 102, 1880 Winton Rd S., Rochester, NY 14618 Registration is required and seats are limited. Please call 585-542-WCS1 (542-9271) to make a reservation or email

Whew ! Well I promised a little bit about me so here you go:

I'm a Salesman who currently sells poetry with over 30 years of experience  with products ranging from Toner to Toothpaste and Applesauce to Oil Wells and now for the last 13 years or so Poetry. Durring my time as a poet I've done readings, talk show interviewes, Taught at the University Level for 3 years (
 Without a graduate degree.) , produced an  International contest, written and published 6 books and a CD Also, I've.written 2 screen plays and a novel and performed at festivals including: The LA Spoken, The Denver Poetry Rodeo, The Sacramento Heritage festival, ARTWALKAlive, and dozens more . I've also written two self help books and created four seminars to share what I've learned . I'm available for readings, individual consultations, collaboration and of course seminar trainings. Here's the info on the books too . Feel free to use any of the contact info to get a hold of me for more details. Here's the info on the books:

1. Instant poetry (Just Add Words!): My first book length poetry collection. Now in its third edition and available everywhere. You can also get signed copies from me for $15. "Off the shelf " the book sells for $8.95 so its up to you.

2. Chocolate Box: a Limited edition Chapbook I wrote in 2003. There are 8 copies left and they are only available from my office at $10 each. Hurry!cause when they're gone, they're gone!

3. : Working title: an anthology made up of the "winners" of a poetry contest I produced between 2007 and 2009. Includes work by Arthur "Old Gold " Aresty, Yvonne Powell- Banes and was edited by Frank Judge. $5 per copy $10 per signed copy and only available through my offices.

4. Dragon's Dance Volume One: a spoken word Cd containing 20 of my poems. 6 copies left $10each and again they are only available through my offices.

5. The Green Lantern: A Guide to Achieving the American Dream Volume 2 , How to Survive in a Modern Economy (Even on a Poets Income!): a long title i know, but his is the book that started my career . It has been revised and updated and is being readied for release to the ,masses. Advanced"signature edition" copies are now available from my offices $20 per copy , $25 per signed copy.

6. Entitlement: Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!) Volume two. This is my second book length collection of poems using the Instant Poetry(Just Add Words!) format and contains 80 pages of new works. It too is being developed for the mass market. " signature edition" copies are currently available through my offices . $20.each $25 signed.

Whew Again! That's a lot of books huh?  Here's the contact info so you can order your copies and get in touch with me.
To order using check or money order make it payable to Skysaje Enterprise and mail to:

Skysaje Enterprise
50 Amesbury Road
Rochester,NY 14623

To order using your credit card go to  and follow the directions for sending payments. Use this e-mail to get the money to my account or to contact me for bookings and further discussion:  Please feel free to visit my web site  at
or call me at 585-334-6388 if there is anything else you need to know about me. See you next time!

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