Sunday, January 13, 2013

And the year continues!

Hi folks: even more stuff happening. Lets get right to it! Here are the three readers for this post:

1. Maureen Nielsen: Professional experience includes employment preparation/job readiness trainer, employment specialist, job developer, career coach, and facilitator roles. Career-related instructional design and development include employment Preparation Traing, Career Exploration, Career Enhancement, and LinkedIn. In addition, technical communications, general communications, project management, and business/systems

2.David Haygood Jr. : My favorite subject is the human body, which in my opinion, is the greatest invention ever! When I paint portraits I start and finish with the eyes because they tell the story. I find people in general to be intriguing because everyone has their own story and because there’s so much we can learn from each others experiences. I believe whenever I paint I have to have something to say and I also try to paint positive, spiritual and uplifting images. I believe a painting should draw the viewer into it and cause dialog .I feel closest to God when I’m painting... and that’s true joy! Gallery One Fine Arts  2575 E. Henrietta Rd.Rochester, NY 14623

3. MJ Iuppa: Widely considered to be the best poetry teacher in the Rochester,NY area, MJ has headed the Arts Minor Creative Writing Program  at Rochester's St. John Fisher College for several years. She is also a long time member of the area's Just Poets organization and has taught several workshops on page based poetry forms . Most recently, the Elegies and the Cinqian. I've been fortunate to have learned a good deal of what I know about page based poetry forms from MJ in these workshops and am very proud to know she  is one of this blogs regular readers!   She can be reached for interviews, questions and upcoming workshop dates through her office at the college:  (585) 385-8412 Email:


1.Dear friends, Hello. We are reaching out because you are a friend or person of interest to our filmmakers. We want to tell you about our stylish film noir short film, THE BIG MEET.

International celebrity model Lane Carlson (Abercrombie and Fitch, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren; TV's Fear Factor) leads a fine cast including Mike Genovese (ER, Point Break ), Tatiana Kucharova (Miss World 2006), and John Cothran Jr. (Black Snake Moan, Boys in the Hood).  Cinematographer Matthew Skala ("Fashionista Daddy" Current Top 5 Finalist for 2013 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest) Directed by Christian Elder. Produced by Jessica Mathews. Written by Christian Elder and Lance Dean (Quarterfinalists for the 2012 Nicholl Fellowship is Screenwriting).

We finished filming a few weeks ago but still need help with post-production and film festival costs. SO we have launched an Indiegogo campaign to spread the word and help raise the funds. 

We invite you to look at our Indiegogo campaign and maybe you could help us make our dream come true. The more people that know about us the better!  A fundraiser for a film by Christian Elder check it out.

2. Volunteer Opportunity at Outreach Temple: Volunteers are needed to help prepare and serve food at Outreach Temple, a local food pantry and soup kitchen, on Saturday, January 26th.  There are two shifts available (10-12 and 12-2).  Please contact Katie at or 585-546-8280 with any interest or questions by Monday, January 21st.    

3. The next exhibit at the Gallery at the Center at High Falls is titled "Text and Texture" and includes an ABG collaboration between fiber artist Mary Louise Gerek (quilt which is titled "Imagining Red") and poet Kitty Jospe (poem titled "Gathering"). The opening reception is Sunday afternoon, January 20th and the show will run through February 28th. 60 Browns Race Ave. Rochester,NY

4. Rochester poets has a reading in the Skalney Arts gallery of St. John Fisher College on Sunday January 20th, 2013 from 1:30- 4:00 p.m. details at  or call 585-260-9005

5. The Gift: a Talent showcase for artist in the Rochester,NY area. Doubles as a fundraiser for the Niagara Falls Young People's Church.Friday , February 15th , 2013  7:00 P.M.  tickets $10 each . for more details contact  
 585-415-6984 or 585-713-8865 for details. 

6. Save the date! On March 16th, 2013 I will be presenting a special " Master class " workshop entitled : The Multi-million Dollar Poetry Industry.  Outlining the 7 markets in which you Can make a living from poetry ( or any other form of writing for that matter as well as the levels of reputation you need to achieve in order o be effective in each of those markets and more.) The event will also include a special ESP reading ( ESP = Everybody swaps poems. All poems go into a pile and get shuffled the participants then come up and pick the first poem of the pile and read it. The only rule is YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT READ YOUR OWN POEM! ) Use the contact info at the end of this blog to register. Fee $25 Start time 3:00 P.M.  venue Location : Gallery One Fine Arts 2575 East Henrietta Road. Rochester, NY 14623. Call the gallery at 585 230-1081  or keep an eye on these posts for better directions.  Special thanks to D.S. for the use of the title for this event.  See you there!

Whew! Lots of stuff going on this time! Again, Here's the list of my books and the ordering info as well as my contact information to register for the seminar or get in touch.       

1. Instant poetry (Just Add Words!): My first book length poetry collection. Now in its third edition and available everywhere. You can also get signed copies from me for $15. "Off the shelf " the book sells for $8.95 so its up to you.

2. Chocolate Box: a Limited edition Chapbook I wrote in 2003. There are 8 copies left and they are only available from my office 
at $10 each. Hurry!cause when they're gone, they're gone!

3. Working Title: an anthology made up of the "winners" of a poetry contest I produced between 2007 and 2009. Includes work by Arthur "Old Gold " Aresty, Yvonne Powell- Banes and was edited by Frank Judge. $5 per copy $10 per signed copy and only available through my offices.

4. Dragon's Dance Volume One: a spoken word Cd containing 20 of my poems. 6 copies left $10 each and again they are only available through my offices.

5. The Green Lantern: A Guide to Achieving the American Dream Volume 2 , How to Survive in a Modern Economy (Even on a Poets Income!): a long title I know, but this is the book that started my career . It has been revised and updated and is being readied for release to the masses. Advanced"signature edition" copies are now available from my offices $20 per copy , $25 per signed copy.

6. Entitlement: Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!) Volume two. This is my second book length collection of poems using the Instant Poetry(Just Add Words!) format and contains 80 pages of new works. It too is being developed for the mass market. " signature edition" copies are currently available through my offices  $20.each $25 signed.

Whew Again! That's a lot of books huh?  Here's the contact info so you can order your copies and get in touch with me.
To order using check or money order make it payable to Skysaje Enterprise and mail to:

Skysaje Enterprise
50 Amesbury Road
Rochester,NY 14623

To use your credit card go to   and send the payment to me at

you can also send me e-mail at that address. See you next time!

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