Thursday, January 17, 2013

What will they think of next?

Hi folks : I just found out about something called an RSS feed. Its a system by which you can receive notices of blog updates without the person writing the blog having to send out emails to their contacts to let them know its been updated.  I've just added an RSS feed to Poetic Conversations here because I think this would be a good thing. I've been made to understand that to receive the RSS feed you have to click  on the link for a particular blog and request it. With that in mind here's the link to the RSS feed for this blog: .  Thanks! Now on to the post for this time:

1. Ilana Haley: Chicago based poet extraordinaire.Ilana has published several award winning books of her poetry . You can see  examples of her work on this blog!Title of the post are Adam Adam, In nemory of Og beauty and Malady. I'm truly hoping she'll bless this blog with more of her work in 2013. For some reason I can't figure out she's having trouble getting the submitions she's made for this blog to actually come up as posts. Ilana , your still listed here on the blog as an authorized contributor and always will be as long as I can possibly keep it running! Your totally welcome to post any poem you can here! Please keep trying! To contact Ilana for info on upcoming gigs, her books or for bookings here's her e-mail: 

2. Christian Elder is a writer, filmmaker, and painter. He was born in New York, New York and attended the Rhode Island School of Design and Lorenzo de' Medici in Florence, Italy. His work has been shown in Europe, San Francisco, and Los Angeles; also seen in the cast house of the 2008 season of MTV's The Real World XX: Hollywood. As an illustrator, he has worked in motion picture advertising for many years, sketching movie ad campaigns for clients such as Spike Lee among others. His first screenplay “The Powder & the Finger” (a spaghetti western about an outlaw slave gunslinger) qualified him as a finalist for Tribeca Film Festival’s TAA Connects in 2006. He's also a dam good poet! For info on his latest project visit: or contact Christian directly at: 

3. Ruth  Balkin:  Information specialist and in home French teacher. She can clearly help you find the information you need for your business  in either of the two major languages that business has been conducted in in  the western world for the past 800 years and counting! (English and French of course!) For complete info visit her web site at: 


1. The winter issue of Breath and Shadow magazine is now available. Visit to get your copy.

2. , Sunday, Feb. 3, 2 pm, for a Powerpoint on "Pleasures of the Line" at the Pittsford Library. Presented by Kitty Jospe at the Pitsford Library: 24 State Street  Pittsford, NY 14534 (585) 248-6275 See you there!


Poetry Society of New Hampshire: National Contest  next deadline: February 15, 2013

National Contest Coordinator: Betsy Snider PO Box 225 Acworth, NH 03601
Entry fee is $3 for the first poem, and $2 each for others. Entries limited to 5 
poems per poet per contest.Poems must not be previously published, have won a prize, nor be currently 
entered in another contest.Poems must be postmarked by the deadline date.Mail poems and check payable to the Poetry Society of New Hampshire (PSNH) to the coordinator at the address above. visit the web site for complete details. 

4. Special heads-up: Maya Angelou will be at RIT on the afternoon of Monday, March 25, 4:30 pm in the Gordon Fieldhouse. Free and open to the public.visit for directions and information. 

6. This Sunday January 20th at the LAst Bookstore, LAnguage with Mike the PoeT.. 3.30PM Featuring a collection
of eclectic, potent poets, LAnguage events unite the underground with the academic. Featuring Cal State LA's Statement MAgazine, Abraham Greatson  Porschia Baker 453 S. Spring Street Los Angles,CA 90013 
7. Written by poet Spencer Slater. Check it out!

8. Attention! If there is anyone who interested in expressing your God given talent in forms of Dance, Song, Hip-Hop, Comedy, Poets, and the list goes on... There will be taking place Feb 2 at Obsessions Bar Grill (I believe it's 564 Chili Avenue Rochester,NY). The open mic will be from 6-10 P.M. The admission for spectators is $5. Performers are free. Tell everyone you know. Tell your friends, relatives, and so on...We hope to see U and your talent there. One Love.

8. Save the date! March 16th 2013: Lawrence R. Berger will be presenting His seminar entitled " The Multi-million Dollar Poetry Industry". A ruffly two hour seminar covering the seven markets in which you CAN earn a living in the 7.1 Billion ( Yes, you read that right! That's Billion with a B!) US Poetry industry ( While as a poet and poetry promoter himself, Mr. Berger has geared this presentation twords writers in that genre ( However, after having worked with other types of writers over the past 8 years as well He's found that the markets covered in this seminar are exactly the same for all other types of writing including Journalist,  Technical and Self Help Writer's, short story and children's authors , Novelists , Historians , Playwrights, screenwriters and all others would most likely benefit and are welcome to attend! Fair warning though,  The 7.1 Billion Dollar figure does only apply to the opportunities open in the poetry genre. Add in everything else  and I'm sorry but I simply can't count high enough to give an accurate figure!)  Thanks to Comedian Dana Snow for the title of this presentation.  The event starts at 3:00 p.m. EST on Saturday March 16th, 2013 and will be held at : Gallery One Fine Arts 2575 East Henrietta Road  Rochester, NY 14623 (Behind Suburban Liquor . next to the Beers of the World Plaza!) for directions call the gallery at (585) 230-1081 there will be a $25 fee for this presentation. Light refreshments will be served. To Register Send your credit card payment via pay pal to or send your check or money order 
to our offices at : Skysaje Enterprise 50 Amesbury Rd. Rochester, NY 14623.  Special bonus for this event:

All attendees will receive a copy of "Times are a changing."By Lawrence R. Berger outlining his research into the subject when he was told that e-books would not be taxable in New York State because there was now tax code legislation that allows for it. The article covers what is actually in the code, the interpretations in the media, and the conclusions he reached based on the results of the research that led to his producing the article.   Clearly as this seminar is open to all writers in New York State such information could be considered by attendees to be worth the $25 in and of itself! Don't miss out! Register today! 

Whew! That's one heck of a lot of info this time! Because of space limits I won't list the books this time but you can feel free to go to previous posts from 2013 and find them there.  Ones again , Here's the link for the RSS feed :  If you REALY want me to continue adding to your inbox by sending you an e-mail with updates just let me know and I'll put you on a special DL .

See you next time!

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