Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Hi folks: Well , a new year has started and the sun is shining its a beautiful day to be alive and writing poetry! I just finished the mock ups for the third edition of my compilation Instant Poetry( just add words! ) I can hardly believe it! here's this weeks poem culled from that compilation:

By Lawrence R. Berger

Touched by the Gods

she carries her obsession.

Following the sunrise

with the fruits of her tears.

Hour by hour she followes her lover across the sky

Mourning him through the darkness

till he returns with the dawn.

and her name is Sunflower.

(c) 1999 Lawrence R. Berger

Let me know if you'd be interested in pre-ordering the book. Its due out in December. your comments of course are always welcome . see you next week.

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Annie said...

I love this image of the sunflower. I think your poetry has such terrific visual imagery in it. I have always loved and related to sunflowers, so when I read this poem, I can totally relate to the sunflower following her lover across the sky and mourning him when he is gone for the night. Just beautiful imagery! Peace and many blessings, Annie