Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thanks for the help!!!

HI folks: This is an extra post to thank you all for your comments. I'll be adding your suggestions in during the month of June and beyond . If for some reason you're having trouble posting your comments to this site ( one of my good friends tried for a full thirty minutes before sending me an e-mail message ) please email me your comments at :

now here's a new poem to start of the new look of this blog:

by Lawrence R. Berger
Evolution happens a step at a time.
we grow
we modify
we learn
we adapt.
No one is able to function in a vacuum
Thank you for your assistance
(c) Lawrence R. Berger 5/30/09
Oh and by the way, one of the suggestions was to feature a guest poet occasionally on this blog. If you would be interested in being a guest poet and have your work published here please e-mail me at Thanks again for the support


Anonymous said...

That sums it up, Larry! Thanks.


Annie said...

Hi Larry, I love your poetry and I understand your sense of frustration about not getting feedback.

When I used to be the editor of a small publication (I was editor of several different publications actually), I remember how frustrated I would be when I would write articles and never get any feedback. Somehow blogs and newspapers can be that way.

I think if your blog has the capability to allow people to do feeds, then you can put in some instructions how to get the feeds so that whenever you post, people who subscribe will get the feeds.

Your poetry is wonderful and I think your blog is very good. See if you can find out how to set it up so that when you have new posts, people can know it is there and can subscribe for the feeds. Also, if you get an opportunity, you might post photos too. You might have some on here, I am not sure because I just started reading.

Anonymous said...

Nicely put, Larry! Looking forward to more!