Wednesday, May 27, 2009

update three

Hi folks : It's that time again. so here goes this weeks post:

By Lawrence R. Berger
Waves call like sirens of ancient legend
to those who would concur nature's wrath.
The sun shines on their taned and toned
bodies as they splash their way to immortality
Others dive to plumb the depths
of the abyss and find new creatures
to feed the rest of us.
Still others seek the gold found
in treasures of the past
buried deep beneath the waves
( c)Lawrence R. Berger
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1 comment:

Annie said...

I love how visual this poem is. That seems like a difficult thing to achieve in poetry. This is a particularly lovely poem and also has within it the sense of movement, another thing I find difficult to achieve in a poem. So good work!

Keep going. Peace and many blessings, Annie