Wednesday, May 20, 2009


hi: its thursday again. heres this weeks poem:

by Lawrence R. Berger
its safe
curled up in your blankets
you can really get some rest.
if not you're in trouble.
I've got copies of Dragons Dance volume one still avalible
and I'm in progress on the books. please leave comments. see you next week.

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Annie said...

Hi Larry, I am getting ready to go for a surgery Weds. and another one in a couple of weeks, so this one had a lot of appeal for me as I took a big nap today and there is something very comforting about wrapping up in our blankets.

And also the line about "if you're not in trouble." seemed to fit me as I always seem to be in some kind of trouble with someone or other. So that makes crawling under the covers even more meaningful! Peace and many blessings, Annie This in some ways reminded me of childhood and the comfort of the covers.